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1/3/12 2:11 P

A minor comment if I may. those DVDs are cardio not strength training. The mixing of the two in the same workout has been demonstrated by research to diminish the effectiveness of both. There is no such thing as sculpting, that is a marketing nonsense term unfortunately. The weight used in those routines are not of enough weight to challenge your muscles, the fatigue you may feel is from a lack of stamina.

Here on Spark you can find free programmes which divide strength and cardio into separate workouts which you will find more effective.

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1/3/12 1:16 P

Hey guys! Thanks soooo much for the input. I was mainly talking about dvd's where you do cardio and then slow it down for some sculpting. Not necessarily doing cardio while holding weights. Sorry if I was unclear. I do think its time to step it up to 8 pound dumbbells for awhile. I have noticed I am able to get though the reps with a breeze.

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12/12/11 7:39 P

I do separate cardio and ST every day. I'm with the other posters in this. It is not a good idea to mix them in the same work out. You will end up with mediocre results on both. Alternate cardio and ST days or separate their times, giving 60% - 75% of your time to your priority routine and 25% - 40% to the other.

5 lb weights will do little for your muscle strength and might increase the chance of damaging your joints.

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12/11/11 1:40 A

One of the problems of doing weights for cardio is that it tends to be at high speed, and involves lots of rapid accelerations and decelerations of the weights, which stress the joints in ways they are not meant to be stressed. Specifically, most joints are intended to be compressed, not stretched. There is a reason why the Rack was a medieval torture device.

Ankle weights are a definite no-no in cardio, but rapid arm weight movements can have same effect.

There is no problem with the slow and controlled movements of strength training, but the fast tempo of many (most?) cardio programs can cause problems.

If you want to increase the intensity of your cardio, there are probably safer ways of doing than with hand weights.


12/10/11 1:00 P

I am going to weigh in with Unident and CMJ in addition I have a research citation regarding the negative effects of alternating strength and cardio in the same workout routine as does the infamous Ms Michaels. If a weight you are using is not challenging and is less than something you lift on a routine basis it has only limited benefit, That bag of flour is ten pounds and that three year old is between 35 and forty so of what benefit is a 5 pound barbie bell thrown around 15 or 20 times? Strength work is done with challenging weights which will max out you doing them in good form in ten or fewer repetitions.

If you are doing real strength training using weights properly there is no need to lift more often than every other day. Your training effect occurs during recovery not during the work phase.

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12/10/11 12:56 P

You should be taking a day off between weights, but I'd wondering how much the weights are actually helping if they're 3-5 lbs and during cardio. I'd think about doing weight training separate of your cardio.

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12/10/11 12:46 P

Not heavy weights

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12/10/11 7:16 A

Sorry, I agree with CMJ and unident.

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12/9/11 9:31 P

That's not using real weights. Do real strength training and ditch the girly-weights, they will literally do nothing for you and might in fact harm your health.

And yes, Jillian Michaels is a terrible trainer.

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12/9/11 7:23 P

Jillian Michaels is great, she gets results and I have never had an injury using here dvds. And yes, ankle weights are bad for you but there is nothing wrong with holding onto dumbells while you are working out, I have my clients do that all the time, especially when we are pressed for time, and I have never had an injury on my watch. As with all weight bearing exercises, you have to be careful and watch your technique, especially if you are moving at a fast pace.

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12/9/11 2:41 P

I think you should use weights to get stronger and use cardio to improve your cardiovascular health. It's not a great idea to mix the two. I remember my high school football coach made some of the players wear ankle weights and it had dire consequences. When you do lift, you should either alternate days when you lift or alternate body parts if you want to lift every day. The muscle you build will help you burn additional calories and help you with your weight loss goals. Good luck!

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12/9/11 2:09 P

I think it sounds fine, except you should try mixing up the workouts (or at least not the same video). Mixing it up keeps your metabolism at peak strength alternates between giving your muscles a break, and an extra challenge.

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12/9/11 1:49 P

Which is one obvious reason even an 'average Jo' person can see she is unqualified and a terrible trainer. Her techniques are critcised by many professional trainers. She's in it for the money, not your health.

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12/9/11 1:31 P

that is what Jillian Michaels does in her video's emoticon

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12/9/11 1:29 P

Sorry, using small hand/ankle weights during cardio puts stresses on your joints in ways they are not designed to do and long term increases your risk of injuring yourself. It's a no-no.

See this article:

If your goal is to burn more calories, then go harder, faster, longer, stronger, or just spend more time doing it.

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12/9/11 1:23 P

That sounds great, you will burn more calories! But, make sure you pay attention to your body, its ok to feel your muscles burn but not ok to be in pain, don't get hurt!

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12/9/11 1:15 P

What do you guys think about using weights during each workout. Nothing too heavy...just 3 to 5 lbs during my cardio DVD's??

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