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Weights ... no weight loss?

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2/5/13 9:22 A

It could be due to water retention from adding in strength training, which is a good thing and will eventually go away. This Ask the Experts page addresses this in more detail:
. You want to keep strength training as regular strength training increases the size and strength of the muscle fibers. It also strengthens the tendons, ligaments, and bones. All of these changes have a positive impact on your physical fitness, appearance, and metabolism, while reducing the risk of injury and decreasing joint and muscle pain. So it is important to continue to strength train, even if you aren't seeing the results right away.

Coach Denise

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2/4/13 6:25 P

Quick back story, i'm 5'6" and flucuate in weight between 133-142 ish, depending on current eating habits :-) I had gotten myself down to 135 from 142 between Oct-Dec, with eating well and excersing, mostly spin classes 6 x week. After the Xmas holidays, i had gained it back within 2 weeks :( So of course January i jumped back on the bandwagon, doing what i had done previously to lose the weight. I have been eating between 1300-1600 calories per day, (that is my range), with whole grains, fruit, veggies, lean protein, with only a couple of days in over a month going over. (Nothing crazy, maybe 2000 cals). Here's the stumper...i havent lost a lb. Now the ONLY thing i'm doing differently this time, is adding strength training to my work outs, twice a week. I still spin 5-6 / week. And my clothes are not fitting any loser either. Could strength training be to blame for this? I have the type of body that gains muscle very easily. I know strenth training is good for weightloss in general, but it seems to be hindering any sort of weight loss that normally works for me. Should i go back to only cardio?? Confused...and frusterated as it seems this whole month was a waste :(

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