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8/16/13 10:54 A

This is also cardio for another reason: you are doing 10 sets of 10 reps of 10 different exercises. That's 1000 reps during your 22.5 minutes! You must be moving around very fast for that which is also why it's cardio. True weight lifting/strength training means doing your exercises slowly, with control.

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8/16/13 8:07 A

Same difference. You're not going to build much strength lifting 5 lbs weights.

Lifting light weights and high reps will not get you any sort of significant gains in strength. It's endurance building. It will take you the next 5 years to move up in the same amount of strength you should be able to move up in 2 months of lifting heavy.

I'm 5'2 120 lbs and don't pick up a weight less than 40 lbs for rows, bench 100 lbs and deadlift close to 200 lbs and that's with only 3 months of heavy lifting/compound exercises. Lifting 5 lbs weights will get you nowhere fast. You likely lift grocery bags that weigh more than that.

If you are trying to build strength you need to lift a weight that is challenging and perform compound exercises in the 5-6 rep zone before moving up in weight. Not 15 reps with 5-10 lbs weights. Stop doing bicep curls, tricep extentions and whatever else you're doing and do bench press, overhead presses, rows and if you can... assisted pull ups. For lower body; squats, lunges, deadlifts.

Stop doing concentration exercises and do compound exercises in the 5-6 rep zone, move up in weight once you can do 8 reps and you will build strength quickly. I wasted 8 months of my life with pastal Barbie weights and it got me nowhere. 2-3 months of heavy lifting I went from benching 50 lbs and deadlifting 130 lbs and have had a 50 lbs increase on both my bench and deadlift.

What you are doing is endurance training (ie: cardio). Don't waste money on dumbells. You will have to pay every time you move up in strength which will wind up costing you more in the long run had you just invested in adjustable dumbbells and a barbell with plates.

4-8 reps = strength building
8-12 reps = mass building
12+ reps = endurance building (cardio)

If you're not interested in strength training then that's fine but what you are doing is cardio, not strength training.

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8/16/13 12:41 A

Lol I should have said strength training, not weight lifting. I 've been counting it as aerobic time but then saw the strength training category and started wondering if I was over counting the aerobic time.

I do disagree though about the weights not increasing strength. I think my upper body is getting stronger as I've increased from measly 1 and 2 pound weights to 5 pounds and from just a few reps to a lot of reps.

Now if I could just find 7.5 # weights.....I'm still too wimpy for the 10 pounders!

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8/15/13 6:38 P

Lifting 5 lbs weights isn't exactly weight lifting... I would classify it as aerobics.

Ditto Sergeant Major.

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8/15/13 3:02 P

It is just a cardio workout with very light weights which will not improve your strength.

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8/15/13 6:38 A

It's still aerobics.


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8/15/13 12:40 A

I do an aerobic workout where I use weights for about half of the 45 minute program. How would you record the exercise? Half aerobic time with half the time as weightlifting? The weights are 5 pounds and I do 10 sets of 10 reps of 10 different moves.
Thanks for the feedback!

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