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10/14/11 12:00 P


9/28/11 12:36 P

I was successful on WW about 6 or 7 years ago. The points thing was annoying though, having to calculate the points on everything. I definitely like SP more simply because the food is often already in the system.

JRBUSH82 Posts: 1
9/27/11 4:06 P

I used WW for a year and lost just at 50 lbs (still 40 lbs above my goal of 190). I plateaued for a few months and then the program changed, which resulted in me losing interest. I simply wasn't interested in changing how I had been doing things. Since, I've gained just over 20 lbs back and have just decided to give SP a real chance now, as I'm not interested in going back to 280 lbs. I like that SP has both an Android and iPhone mobile application. One of the things I really like about WW is that you didn't have to work out... but if you did, you got activity points... basically, it wasn't built into the program. I worked out a lot (I actually miss that about the "WW me"), so I was able to eat those points. While it appears there is a way to manipulate SP into doing this in a similar fashion, I wish it was supported natively.

SECTION1RON Posts: 5,903
9/25/11 1:57 P

I left weight watchers after going there for about a year. I was losing weight well until they changed program last fall and my weight loss significantly decreased following new program. I am much happier with SparkPeople and not spending the money.

Weight watchers site offers less than SparkPeople it has a community board that few participate in. Offers tracking and conversion to point value. No Blackberry App just one for Iphone.

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LEAHSDAD Posts: 461
9/19/11 3:52 P

I thought once about joining WW, but decided against it since it was kind of pricey for family and I. If I was single I would perhaps join. With Spark People being what it is I have often wondered what sites like WW offer that Spark People does not.

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9/19/11 1:53 P

You need to clariefie what you mean by NO WAY. This is directed to DWROBERGE

DWROBERGE SparkPoints: (397,678)
Fitness Minutes: (344,172)
Posts: 137,547
9/16/11 10:28 P

no way

FFSFABTNE SparkPoints: (2,328)
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9/16/11 3:38 P

Do any of you guys know if they have plans for people who have low tolarance to certian foods? I'm asking because I can't have MAYO TUNA & MOST TOMATO PRODUCTS if I do I get very sick I also can't/don't like thosse GRAVY & SAUCES they put on some of their prepackage meals.

ARMSPORTS Posts: 1,310
9/15/11 7:57 P

Weight Watchers itself is a good plan but I want to strangle those guys on the commercials.

DWROBERGE SparkPoints: (397,678)
Fitness Minutes: (344,172)
Posts: 137,547
9/14/11 11:04 P

no way

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,086)
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9/13/11 3:47 P

Ya, whatever works for you is worth it. I know a guy that as a last ditch effort spent a couple grand on a personal trainer (money he barely had) and today he's a competitive body builder. I'm not saying that would be my path (SP worked for me), but I'd say his 2 grand was well spent for him.

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9/13/11 10:22 A

I did WW Online only plan a few years ago. Back then it was only $16 a month and my company rembursed me for it, so it was basically nothing out of pocket. The points plan is basically just calories in a smaller number so it works for some, but not for others. I will say that the WW site had a very active and entertaining message board (or at least it was last time I was on). That was free and you just had to register.

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9/12/11 10:26 P

You would lose more weight if you paid in coins! Paper money doesn't weigh that much!

I have always felt that if you spend money on something that helps you reach a goal, it is probably worth it. For some I am sure it will help, but I am with you!

Besides SP results can be very good!

MATTDEL Posts: 720
9/12/11 12:36 P

Kept seeing the ads watching football yesterday, so I jumped on today to see what it is all about.....

It's about $30.00 a month---No thanks


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