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4/3/14 6:20 A

Although some have had different experiences, I find losing fat and gaining muscle to be somewhat conflicting goals. To lose fat, you need a calorie deficit, but to gain significant muscle (not to "bulk up") you need a calorie surplus. My advice would be to focus mainly on the fat loss for now, and once you get pretty close to your goal, then you can adjust your dietary habits to make it a little easier to gain muscle.

Make sure you're eating enough to support your level of activity. Also consider measuring yourself once a month or so, since many times you'll see a loss of inches even if the scale isn't moving.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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4/2/14 7:25 P

As you are definitely on the right track to not worry too much about weight. You may find you actually gain weight before you lose weight but that is muscle mass, not fat. It is weight that will help you lose the fat in the long run!

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4/2/14 7:24 P

Tracking is huge! Make sure you account for the calories in everything.

Weight training with trying to lose fat is actually the ideal situation because the added muscle and the muscle work burns calories.

If you are doing cardio in the morning I recommend a recovery drink or meal of sorts after that training to make sure you don't crash and then a protein shake (lean whey protein) after the strength workout.

Make sure you account for these things and ammend meals as needed or even substitute a meal for the protein shake if you finish your workout at dinner time anyways.

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4/2/14 6:53 P

Any great tips out there for anyone trying to add muscle and diet at the same time... oh, yeah... I've also gone vegan. lol....

I want to shed around 20 pounds still... and add some bulk... not too much... things are going well in the gym... but now I'm trying to lose that last bit of weight...

I'm not stepping on the scale anymore... the results are confusing ;) ... I just want to get smaller now... but my body wants food :))

Any suggestions are great :)

Ps... I'm doing cardio in the mornings.... and weight training in the evenings... usually 5x per week.

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