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7/3/13 7:20 P

You're not an idiot, I had trouble finding it too. :) Just switched my ticker to fitness minutes so I can finally stop fixating on the scale, lol!

7/3/13 7:04 P

okay I'm an idiot.. I didn't know I had one..I guess I haven't ever posted on here before so I didn't see it.

7/3/13 6:56 P

okay.. i'm trying to figure out how to get one of those scales at the bottom of my name that tracks my progress and shows my current weight and goal.Everyone has one but me.. could someone help me figure out how to get one and how to get it on this site? I have been a lurker/sparkpeopler for years but I am at a point in my life that I really have to get serious and realize that I love food too much to just "do it on my own." i need to know how many calories i eat. And i NEED the support from other people out there doing this same thing in order to be successful. i love this site. I would be much more motivated if I had my own little weight ticker thing..
Thanks,and GodBless

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