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10/23/13 12:33 P

5 lb hand weights and bodyweight exercises off of youtube! The most effective ways to work out often involve little to no weights. Email me and I'll be happy to send you a few suggestions to get you started.

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10/23/13 10:51 A

Craigslist for used weights and also I would pick up some used at home workout DVD's. I'm partial to Beachbody because they work, but also because I'm a coach for them :)

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
10/23/13 5:24 A

Call me cynical, but come February there will be tones of weight equipment being sold second hand online :D

10/20/13 6:04 A

I tried the resistance bands but they didn't work too well for me personally. You stand on different parts of the band to increase resistance and I didn't like not knowing if I had progressed. I found it much easier to track my progress with some variable cast iron weights.

I bought these:

and I increase the weight in the smallest increments I can as fast as I can with normal progress (ie, I don't push myself too hard, but when I can honestly say the sets are becoming easier I increase the weight). Lifting heavier weights is great and makes you feel like a superhero!

PS - don't worry about bulking up like a man. It simply won't happen!

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10/19/13 4:27 P


Definitely buy a set of resistance bands. You can find a set of three for cheap at any walmart, target, sears or even tj maxx. Resistance bands are an affordable way to strength train at home.

You can also do body weight exercises like push ups, plank, squats, lunges, etc... here's an example of a simple routine you could do at home. Make modifications where and when you need them.

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10/19/13 3:56 P

I actually bought a set of 10 lb dumbbells first and then bought some 15 lb dumbbells. You don't have to buy all the weights at one time. You could also focus on doing body weight exercises like pushups, squats, lunges, etc. and then use the dumbbells as an extra benefit. Some of the body weight exercises, like the standing abduction, could benefit from the weights that you put on your ankles. I have found that doing the dumbbell chest press has helped me with doing pushups (even if it is still the modified pushups).

I realize my writing is all over the place, my cat is distracting me. emoticon

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10/19/13 10:00 A

Household objects (eg. milk jugs full of water) are probably good up to about 5-7.5 lbs, but after that the size and gripability of purpose builts weights becomes compelling.

A set of adjustable dumbbells has the capacity to grow with you, and although they are more expensive that a single weight, they are cheaper than buying a full range.

Resistance bands are another great purchase - cheap ($10-20), versatile and storable.


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10/19/13 9:05 A

a simple bench, a bar, some weights and some dumbbells and you are in business.

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10/18/13 5:43 P

I bought a set of weight plates with bars and clips for 25 bucks at walmart. That way you don't need to keep buying some. They come in various sizes.....2 1/2..........5 and 7 lbs. I really got my monies worth. Sparks has some good videos to use for them and so does If you just want to lift weights and feel better about yourself and your body I believe this is the way to go. Me........I am lifting serious so I needed heavier weights and got some. So good luck with this 4 u.........

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10/18/13 11:38 A

You don't have to get a whole SET at one time. Start out with 3 or 5 pound hand weights. When those get easy, get 8's, then 10's and 12's. at least this can split up the cost. Usually Jan is when all the sales on fitness equipment as well. The larger the weight the more in price. I get mine at Target.


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10/18/13 11:08 A

You really don't need to go out a buy a weight set - you can use items in your home such as certain sizes of canned goods or you can fill water bottles to a certain weight and use them as hand weights; there are lots of ways to get a good workout in at home without spending a lot of money to do it. If you want a cardio workout - look into some of the workout DVD's or even put on your favorite music CD and dance - it would be a good workout and fun too, and in your basement, no one will see you so it doesn't matter how silly you might think you look, what matters is that you are moving!

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10/18/13 11:00 A

Instead of a weight set, have you thought about getting a set of resistance bands? They are lighter, cheaper, and more versatile than a set of weights. SP (and the rest of the internet) has a large database of exercises you can do with them.

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10/18/13 10:46 A

I cannot afford the $40/month to go to the gym, but I'd really like to get some weight training in at home. With the days shorter and weather colder, I don't walk as much (call me a sissy, but I don't like to walk in the dark). I have limited space in my living room, but more in the basement.
What kind of weight set would be most beneficial? I am diabetic and need to stay active, but it gets tough in the winter. Last year walking outside, I fell more than I want to say, due to people not shoveling sidewalks.

Thanks for the help!

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