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5/23/14 7:02 P

TISH - because you are soooo close to your goal, and already in a healthy weight range, you are really being a bit too aggressive with your expectations/want of losing 8lb in 8 weeks. It IS doable ..... BUT it is actually MUCH harder to lose weight when your body is at or close to it's goal weight.

Good luck,

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5/23/14 10:39 A

Hope you're still doing good and on trac with your goals! Stumbled across this & it's so hard for me stay within 1200-1500cal range...I have no trouble going over lol. I'm 5'4, 138 and trying to get down to 130 in 8 wks. I find the weight comes off when I snack a lot, add fiber to whatever I can (flax seed, whole grains, oatmeal, apples, fiber bars, etc), and logging onto SP every day. Good luck!

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11/13/13 7:17 A

First, I don't eat only 1200 cals while losing weight. I'm also 5'2 and would be starving on that amount. I eat more around 1400-1500 cals for faster weight loss, stay active and exercise or 1600-1700 cals for a slower weight loss.

How do you eat healthy on 1200 cals? Well it's very difficult since that is the *minimum* calories required for a woman to get adequate nutrients. You would have to eat very clean and very balanced, all foods you eat should be nutrient dense.

Spark provides you with a calorie "range" and you can eat higher and lower some days and still reach your goals.

Spark offers optional meal plans to help learn how to make healthy food choices and eat balanced meals.

You may benefit by reading through some of the Nutrition Articles Spark offers. Maybe commit to reading 1-3 per day?

I do not recommend the use of diet pills/supplements (and neither does Sparkpeople) or adopting a restrictive diet purely for weight loss. I recommend learning how to eat healthy, balanced by making small changes to your current diet over time. The rate of compliance severely drops when someone attempts to "go big or go home". Many of us come at weight loss with a plan of how to get the weight off but we don't think ahead to once we do reach a healthy weight, how are we going to maintain that healthy weight?

The easy part is losing weight when compared to keeping the weight off. That's why it is vital to adopt a plan and style of eating you can see yourself continuing even after weight loss. Statistics show that 90% of people who lose weight, gain weight back. Your body does not want to lose the weight and has many mechanisms to work against you. That's why it's so important to not push your body too hard/fast to lose weight, the faster you lose... the quicker you'll put weight back on.

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11/13/13 3:10 A

Hi - it sounds like you could do with a little help.

The first thing you need to take on board is that this isn't a diet. It is merely a healthy lifestyle. Nothing is off limits, but it is a case of being wise with your choices of food (and portions) MOST of the time.

1200 calories is generally for an average weight woman who is sedentary. Make sure that you don't short-change yourself. When you do a lot of exercise, it is likely that you will need more calories. I know that sounds counter-productive, but it isn't. Be guided by the range SP has set for you, but make sure that you have entered all your details, like current weight, what you want to get down to, when you want to be at your goal, and your activities.

Be guided by the carbs/fats/protein recommendations, too.

Don't aim for the weight-loss to be 'yesterday' - quick losses aren't healthy, and generally go back on when you have reached your goal, too.

Be sure to make good use of the Nutrition Tracker, and I strongly suggest weighing all of your food for increased accuracy.

I am a bit taller than you - just under 5' 6" and my starting weight was quite a bit higher than you are now. My Dietitian put me on 1400 calories - no range. I started losing on that .... slow and steady. I am aware of members on here who eat a bit more, and are shorter and much lighter, but they are also more active than me, too.

Where it comes to a healthy breakfast, are you able to pop a couple pieces of good wholegrain bread in the toaster while you are getting dressed? If so, putting some peanut butter or cottage cheese and couple slices of tomato are great. Take a banana, or apple to eat as you go. Have some pre-packed little bags of nuts and dried fruit to nibble on. The nuts are a great source of healthy fats and also have protein fibre. The dried fruits are good energy burst, with fibre.

Another breakfast you might like is to have some smoothies made up the night before. Put in some Greek Yoghurt, fruit (think bananas, berries [frozen is o.k.] wheat-germ/oat bran or Almond Meal and give it a good blitz. If you want more protein, add some milk to it.

You might like to have some hard-boiled eggs in the fridge. Grab a couple and a piece of fruit.

Make sure that you eat ALL of your meals. Don't be tempted to skip any. Some find it helpful to have a couple snacks in the day, too. I normally have between 2-4 and they are accounted for in my day.

I keep a daily spreadsheet of my calories, fat, fibre (I have to track that), exercise which is split into two - one column for walks and another for other exercise - and then general comments. I also have a column for my weight WHEN I weigh, which isn't very often. The general comments column I include things like pain, if I haven't slept much, if I have been out, or have craved something. It has helped me and my Dietitian to resolve some of the hiccups which have come along. Every now and again I average my calories. Because of that I have found what calories I maintain (for me 1600) what calories I gain, and what causes me to lose over a period of time. I find this very easy because I am an obsessive document-er - LOL! I also find it saves a lot of angst, too!

Why is it that you want/need to lose the weight by February? Just remember, the closer a person is to their goal weight, the harder it is to lose the weight.

As far as supplements are concerned, considering you have been considerably under-eating, I would suggest that you make an appointment with your Dr and tell him/her what you have been doing and what your plans are, and asked for some bloods to check that everything is as it should be. If it isn't, then he/she will be able to advise you on your best course of action.

Good luck with your journey.

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11/13/13 3:07 A

Firstly you're not in starvation mode.
It's hard to give advice on your food intake since you do not have a food tracker that others can take a peek at.
Taking a multi-vitamin is fine though it is obviously better to get your nutrients through food.
As far as a healthy breakfast...when I was working 2 jobs these were a favorite:

You can put any veggies you want in them and any cheese (I used spicy fat free cheddar) and then you can make a big batch and microwave them in the morning for a few seconds. It's kind of like having an omelet cupcake!
I would recommend that you use the food and fitness trackers on this site and stay active in this community. The tracker will tell you how a proper calorie range and will adjust with the amount of fitness you track. You can get tons of information, recipes, fitness videos etc here and there is a great support system.
As far as losing 15-20 by February I am the wrong person to ask because I do not focus on pounds, I focus on how I feel and how my clothes fit. To me "THE NUMBER" doesn't really matter, just living a healthier lifestyle.
Good luck on your journey!

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11/12/13 9:52 P

Hey guys,

I'm a 5'2.5 female. I had a great curvy and petite body until I gained some weight and now I don't know what to do! I began tracking my intake thinking I was doing a great thing by eating only 600-800 cals until I read up that females should atleast be eating 1,200 calories. Now I'm 146 lbs.

I just started to eat a 1,200 cal diet. And now I'm 150 calories away from eating 1,200. I just feel like it's always so hard to eat 1,200 calories while knowing you are on a diet because the numbers continue to bother you. What can I do to boost my metabolism since I'm assuming it's been on starvation mode for a couple weeks now.
I also run a mile which lasts 12-17 minutes depending on the day, I'm well aware that now I should exercise for 30+ minutes.

What do you eat to keep a healthy 1,200 daily diet?
Is taking multi-vitamins okay?
How can I eat a healthy breakfast when I'm on the run in the mornings?
How would I know how many calories I need to lose on a daily basis?

Are there any tips to live by?

Also what can I do to lose atleast 15-20 lbs by the end of Febuary? Is it possible?

Sorry for all the questions, but thanks for all the help!

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