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4/29/14 11:43 A

As others have said, I don't run to lose weight--I lost the weight by tracking what I eat. I did take up running along the way, though, and it certainly helps me maintain. When I'm training for a longer event (like a half-marathon or, later this year, a full marathon), I do find that I am super hungry the day after my long run each week, so that makes it harder for me to think of running as a weight-loss activity. :)

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,690
4/29/14 9:57 A

I'll echo many of the other commenters. I don't exercise to lose/maintain. That's pretty much diet based. I run for fitness and because I like how it makes me feel. I have done intervals and will sometimes add faster "sprints" throughout my run, but I generally save my HIIT for my ST days. My runs can last from 30 minutes to over an hour on long days. It just depends. I usually shoot for two 3-4 mile runs per week and then a longer weekend day of 6-7 miles or more. But I had to work up to this over several months. Do what is challenging to you - time and speed will come as long as you gently push your limits. There are several pesky things that can come from running a lot (like lost toenails - ask me how I know), so make sure that you educate yourself about them and take steps to prevent them.

ST was probably more essential to my weight loss and now maintenance than any cardio.

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4/29/14 9:37 A


Thanks! I am so glad that I joined this board. Everyone is so helpful and positive. I definitely learned the hard way that no amount of running can undo a chocolate milkshake! I totally get what you are saying. I am going to add some strength training to my running and also continue to stay on track with my eating. Congrats on your engagement!

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4/28/14 10:28 P

I love running, and just finished my 4th half marathon a few weeks ago. I found I improved my running through strength training 2 - 3 x per week. I did lose some weight, but I was really conscious of not falling victim to the "eat anything I want" mentality, and focused on getting enough protein in my diet. Tracking can really help you stay in your calorie range. No matter what exercise you choose, a mix of cardio and strength is key, as well as a healthy diet. It's so true that you can't out-exercise bad eating habits!

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4/28/14 6:05 P

I tend to gain weight when I get serious about running mostly because I'm always starving(!!!) and I get that "I can eat whatever I want because I ran my butt off this morning" attitude. I've decided it can be my passion, but can't be relied on to lose weight. (This is just me, of course. Not saying you can't!) I've recently added strength training & some other variety and what-do-ya-know, the scale is moving in the right direction FINALLY. emoticon

I don't know how much I helped, but that's my two cents.

Best wishes to you for much success!!! Whatever you do, don't stop trying!

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4/28/14 2:40 P

Thanks, sargeant! I will update my strength routine. I appreciate the help!

4/28/14 2:35 P

One problem with using cardio only to lose weight is that up to 25% of the weight loss will be muscle tissue and not fat. The equation for fat loss is 80% nutrition (diet), and 20% exercise which breaks down to 15% resistance work and 5% cardio.

I suggest you add a bodyweight resistance training programme to your running programme to gain the maximum benefit.

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4/28/14 2:18 P

I eat right to lose weight. I run because it's fun. My weekly mileage is around 10 though I've decided to do a half marathon a year from now. One run a week is speed work which is sometimes intervals, sometimes pyramids, and sometimes fartleks.

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4/28/14 2:12 P

I started to run again last fall for a 5k that my friend wanted to do. It was great and I remembered how much I love running! Does anyone out there run to lose weight? If so do you do intervals? How long do you run? Any tips would be wonderful. If I can keep my calories in check and run I think that I can lose this weight (at least 10 lbs) so any successes out there would be GREAT appreciated.


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