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11/11/13 9:05 A

I started using Garcinia Cambogia and started losing weight right away, also following my eating plan here on S.P. I got mine from Whole Body Research, The only problem so far is that it makes your urine smell funny. emoticon I am not paid to say this. It is working for me.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 63,066
11/11/13 2:53 A

Never heard of it. I do Dr. Atkins low carb and that is what works for me since I have Insulin Resistance.

Richard Bernstein M.D. has great lectures on YouTube for anyone with Insulin Resistance and he says that is ALL obese people. He is an expert on diabetes and weight loss.

CHRYSALIS118 Posts: 8
10/27/13 12:46 P

Hi, I'm new here. I had the same question about this Dr endorsed product. I'm pretty sure my weight gain is hormone related. Was surprised no one responded. Have you found out any more? I am thinking of ordering. It's not cheap!


"...disciplining this body and bringing it under subjection to my SPIRIT..." 1 Cor 9:27
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2/24/13 2:36 P

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone's ever heard of Real Dose Weight Loss Formula Number1? I just read on line about this supplement. A doctor endorses it. It sounds as though it deals with our 4 main hormones that can stop weight loss. It sounds wonderful for someone in the 50's struggling to lose weight. If anyone has any information can u please post. Thank u

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