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6/27/14 9:18 A

I have lost 20 Kilos (44 pounds) on my journey so far and am almost at goal. I have always weighed every day, but that is just me. I am honestly, a little bit of a control freak.

I lost the weight steadily - 2 pounds a week for four months. Then I decided to just try to hold that weight for a while not dieting, which I did -- still weighing every day. When I saw recently that my weight was creeping up, I decided to go back to my more stringent program of eating and now I am losing steadily but slower, more like 1 pound a week and once in a while there will be a week where I don't lose at all.

I can thoroughly recommend a book by Maria Menounos (The EveryGirl's Guide to Diet and Fitness) in which she has some truly down to earth advice. If you read her book, it might help you have a more relaxed attitude about the whole weight loss thing. Of course, she doesn't agree with weighing every day either. And she might be right. It just works for me.

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6/27/14 8:02 A

If you weigh every day.... there are so many variables that could cause your weight to stay the same or even go up, from one day to the next. For example: eating a higher sodium meal will cause you to retain a little water til that sodium gets flushed through your body. Also, there are hormonal changes. And a workout can cause your body to retain water, too. And not to be gross or TMI but everything you've eaten has weight, too-- if your bowels are little sluggish, you're still carrying around some of what you ate yesterday.

Lots of people say weighing every day "keeps me accountable". But (jmho here) I disagree. Tracking every single thing you put in your mouth, keeps you accountable. Weighing every day may show you a trend over time, or it (more likely) could just drive you crazy and may lead you to basing your feelings about yourself, on what the number on the scale says. ("I did everything right yesterday and today I'm up a pound!! Something's wrong with me!! I need to cut my calories further and exercise for 2 hours instead of just one!!") It may point out the trends with things like higher sodium = no loss or even a gain (from water). Certain times of the month = a water weight gain. Things like that. Otherwise.... I don't see much value in weighing every single day.

And-- the less you have to lose, the slower it will come off. It's not at all unusual to lose 2 lbs. a week in the beginning and then have the loss slow to 1 lb. or 1/2 lb. (or even 1/4 lb.) a week. The closer you are to goal weight, the harder it is to create a calorie deficit large enough to lose any faster, while still eating an appropriate amount of calories to properly fuel your body and provide the nutrition it needs.

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6/26/14 6:29 P


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6/26/14 4:51 P

For me I can lose then plateau, but sometimes will also gain a little. I have been around the same weight for months.

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6/26/14 4:02 P

It's up and down, because of living life. Perhaps if we lived in one room, and someone tossed in our food once a day and locked the door, we might lose weight faster, but that isn't going to happen. Take it one day at a time.

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6/26/14 2:03 P

It was a steady 2 pounds per week in the beginning and now it is more like 1 pound or 1/2 pound per week, with the occasional pound gained. I may not be as vigilant as I was in the beginning and I am about 20 pounds from my goal weight so I think this is what has caused my weight loss to slow down. I am struggling with motivation and I find stress can make me eat more. So many variables, life has its ups and downs and so does this process.

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6/26/14 8:40 A

For me, when I am totally on plan and working out 4-5 days a week, I usually see a loss every other week, or the third week. I try to only weigh in once a week. So sometimes it will be maintain, maintain, maintain, 5 pounds lost. It all evens out to a good monthly number. But that's why I had to stop weighing every day, I got sick of it not changing!

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
6/26/14 8:01 A

It's a lifestyle change for me.

NIRERIN Posts: 13,066
6/26/14 7:59 A

a plateau is your weight staying steady for about six weeks.

most people, when losing, bobble up and down, particularly the more often they weigh.

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6/25/14 11:30 P

I weigh in once a week and my weight loss is steady.

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6/25/14 10:36 P

Every one is different... truly!

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6/25/14 10:14 P

Just curious...I always have been even before I joined Sparkpeople. How do you lose weight, do you lose, then plateau, lose, plateau, etc...or is it more for those of you that weigh everyday or every other day does your weigh fall off more steadily? Hope this makes sense! For me...I weigh myself everyday...but I tend to lose weight in spurts, even though I am exercising the same and eating pretty steadily as far as calories, fats, and carbs.

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