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5/22/13 10:09 A

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6/25/12 8:13 P

I found Roby Mitchell, M.D. who is in Lubbock Texas (I live in Florida) as my son had Testicular Cancer. Dr. Mitchell cured himself of advanced prostrate cancer with diet and exercise. (My son had surgery and four rounds of chemotherapy & had been "clean" for three yrs now, but works at staying healthy.)
Dr. Mitchell is a graduate of Texas Tech Medical School and has a PhD as well, having studied in China. He believes in weight loss, and if you read over his site, he has a lot of doctors around the country that he recommends who follow his line of treatment which is with bio-hormones. You might need to call his office to find out more, but there is a doctor in your area who follows his ideas, I'm sure. Dr. Mitchell has a lot of vlogs on YouTube for exercise & diet, and a complete physical exam. What he does takes about 45 minutes of talking about your history.

6/15/12 10:00 A

Reading over one of your questions, re. "evaluate your metabolism," I want to say beware of scams and quackery. I hear so many claims - just alternative quacks taking advantage of folks.

There's Peoples' Pharmacy here. They'll do almost any saliva test you can imagine, and have practitioners they'll refer you to. I wouldn't go for it.

This might not be much help -

6/15/12 9:52 A

I think I know what the OP is asking. There are clinics and there are clinics. Even though my GP wouldn't recommend it, I looked into getting prescription phentermine. I googled "weight loss clinic" to find where to go.

It's run by a registered nurse, with supervision from an MD who is not actually there. They did require lab work and EKG before seeing me. I asked my GP to send that to them, which took a few tries but finally they did it.

It felt better that the nurse/manager had certificates hung saying she works with the local university in nuse education. My lab work was up to date, and it was fine.

The pills worked - I couldn't stay with them because of a burning tongue side effect. But I don't feel bad for trying. In the long run, it didn't help, though.

You could also google "bariatric medicine."

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6/14/12 3:42 P

I went to my general practitioner. Once a month I got weighed and we talked. You can always ask them for a recommendation to get a specialist. Best wishes!

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6/14/12 8:01 A

My husband and I started with our primary. Had complete physicals, and took his recommendation. For us it was a nutritionist and dietitian to help us make life style changes and modify our menu.

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6/14/12 7:44 A

Possibly an endocrinologist?

6/13/12 12:01 A

I found a good Dr. in Fort Lauderdale. He specializes in addiction. He understands and doesn't judge me. He is a DO. He does not accept insurance for the weight loss program but gives lots of great advice, is conservative but will prescribe an appetite suppressant which my family doctor would not do. In three weeks (only two of really following a food plan and one of starting to exercise) I've lost ten pounds. His name is Dr. Milne. Tell him that Kathleen Keleher referred you if you go. What I like is that he's a regular doctor not one of those quacks that just pushes pills at you.

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6/10/12 6:09 P

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6/10/12 4:19 P

I'm hoping to find answers from people that have had experience with weight loss doctors.

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6/10/12 4:07 P

Your primary care physician would be the one to ask.

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6/10/12 2:22 P

Maybe my question isn't clear. I 'm looking for a doctor that can medically evaluate my metabolism and see whether I will benefit from medication IN ADDITION to the dietary plan and supports that Sparkpeople offers. I'm looking for people that have had experience with this.


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6/10/12 1:15 P

Do you actually need a doctor?
Spark can do plenty help with you weight loss...

We have no idea what doctors you have access to... so posting here is not the best idea.
Try your state or city board.

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6/10/12 8:59 A

I need advise about weight loss doctors. How do you pick one? What do you look for? What are the different kinds out there.


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