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YNNUB106 Posts: 37
7/22/12 10:09 P

i dont have too much weight to lose but i need a buddy... someone to encourage me to keep going and i will be your buddy too

7/19/12 3:24 P

i just started this website i aint sure how it works i bout 184 and want to get to atleast 170 before my school starts august 14

7/18/12 9:35 P

Hello , my name is melissa,I will be 17 in a month, and I also need a buddy. I am currently 218 pounds and I am trying to get to atleast 130. if you still need a buddy I'm here

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JSPILS1994 Posts: 2
7/17/12 7:19 P

I would like to have a buddy to go from 190 to 140ish. I think having a buddy who is going through the same thing will help motivate me more to accomplish my overall goal :)

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SHYLEEN97 Posts: 6
7/16/12 11:14 A

hi i just joined i weigh 238pounds n i wud like to be 122pound am 15yrs old ps reply if interested in being my buddy 2

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8/19/11 4:28 P

Getting down to 100 pounds seems like too much weight to lose. You would be underweight, which isn't healthy either. Good luck though! :)

KOBYKAN Posts: 7
8/10/11 9:42 P

I need one too! I don't have too much weight to lose but I will soon if I don't have someone to encourage me, and I'm good at helping other people, just not myself.

NATOOLA Posts: 1
8/9/11 5:31 P

Heeey ! I weigh 73 killograms and im willing to lose 23 killograms so I can reach 54-50 kg
and I need a buddy on here too !! I need motivation it's gonna be a bit hard though emoticon

RACIN-GIRLY Posts: 222
8/9/11 1:22 A

alexis i added you as a friend. i saw that you just joined, well so did i. i think it would bve cool if we were weight loss buddies. only if you want.:) let me know! thanks

ALEXIS-14 Posts: 78
8/9/11 12:24 A

I weigh 208, and want to be 135, and need a buddy on here. So if anyone is interested let me know :)

WAY2FAT4YOU Posts: 3
8/7/11 1:40 A

ME!!! im 17 in september! I weigh 206 and want to weigh 160, and ultimately 130

AGRASSEY16 Posts: 1
7/26/11 1:19 A

hey i just joined the site tonight n im not sure how it works but i gotta lose weight too so mabey we can help each other out!

KEZZAN Posts: 5
7/25/11 5:25 P

Hi, I'm Meghann.
I'm 17, and I weigh 255 pounds, and I need to get down to 100 pounds.
I need a buddy here with me to encourage me daily.

Let me know if you're willing to help me out. We'll help each other out. And, hey, maybe we'll become good friends!

Looking for:
Someone with similar needs.

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