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7/18/14 12:21 P

Louann is right. I lost the majority of my weight by tracking ever day, and staying mainly in the lower end of it. Yes, it takes a little work to get used to the tracker - but once you do (use favourites option and create groups, etc.) it gets to where it will take you 5 minutes a day - and it's so worth it.

And yeah, it will take tweaking your diet to find out what works to help you feel full and stay fuller longer - and your tracker can help you there. You can look back, and say "Tuesday I was starving all day. Oh I see.... I didn't really eat a lot of protein that day. I need to bump up my protein" Or "Hmmm, I notice I don't lose any weight the days I eat a lot of refined carbs. I need to start eating more veggies and whole grains".

Anyway, about the MS - I know of 2 here. 1 is a regular...but I can't think of her name. Another member posted here about a month ago with MS, asking if there was anyone else here...and I said the same thing, there is a lady...and she is super, super nice - but I can't remember her name! uuugh its' killing me. We were talking about medical marijuana once, and she just is so sweet, but I can't remember her name....

Does anyone know her?

Anyway, good luck hunny - and always come back and post any questions you have. There are always people here to help.

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7/18/14 11:41 A

Fortunately, weigh loss is more about nutrition than exercise! Really, you cannot out exercise a bad diet.
So log your food and stay within your calorie range, for weight loss

For general health.... there are chair exercises you can find via Google that would work for you.
Swimming would be great if you get rid of your fear... walkers on the pool deck are okay!

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7/18/14 10:32 A

I am struggling with weight -loss due to having MS. I can only walk for short distances before my legs need a rest. I have to use a walker to walk so aerobic exercise is limited to swimming and stationary bicycle. I do to therapeutic massage weekly but, am afraid to swim due to having to walk across slippery wet tiles to enter and exit the pool without my walker.

I am now beginning The MS Diet which should help with weight-loss (4'11"/250lbs.)

My MS is not the only obstacle to weight-loss. I have had three total joint replacements(both knees and left hip) about 10yrs. ago, so I can't kneel among other limitation.

Just wondering if there are others here struggling with MS, severe morbid obesity, orthopedic limitations and exercise restrictions.

I'd like to connect with other members dealing with the same or similar set of issues that I have.

Thank You!

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