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Weight loss and breast feeding

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Posts: 9
1/25/13 12:13 A

I also just added 500 calories to the boundaries that SP gave me when I reset my program with my current weight. I kind of guessed at everything else. It would be helpful if SP just offered a separate section for nursing moms or had a little box that we had to click to get our specialized program. Hmmm. I wonder if there is someone we can bring this concern/recommendation to..

Posts: 2
1/24/13 1:39 P

I read a study that showed moms who nursed for 6 months or more had an easier time losing the baby weight, however, this study found that many had more success after baby had weaned because mom's body holds onto the fat cells to make it easier to balance to accommodate milk production. I can't find the article now, but I know I was disappointed, because it seemed everyone I talked to claimed that nursing just 'sucked the fat off' of them and that is so NOT what I'm experiencing. :)

Also, has anyone found an easy way to adjust the nutrition requirements for nursing moms? I added 500 calories to my daily, but wondered if there's a better way. I'm back to logging, working out every other day and getting back into my Spark routine! Best luck to everyone and I'm happy to talk to, help, and get advice from anyone going through this too! :)

Posts: 9
11/21/12 9:39 P

My daughter is also just about 4 months know. My body has shrunk while breastfeeding but the pounds themselves have not quite started to disappear. I do admit that I am still going through the bad eating habits that I acquired while pregnant...I find it hard to stop eating when I'm hungry! My question know is I'm trying to reset my program here on SP but I have no clue how many calories I should be eating or grams of protein, grams of fat, and grams of carbs that I should input into the program. The only answer I can find online is 500 extra calories. But what about everything else? SP helped me tremendously in the past...I lost almost 25pounds before getting pregnant and I would like to get back down there again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Posts: 1,914
6/15/12 7:01 P

Wow - it's really encouraging to read these posts! I'm breastfeeding my 3rd right now and she is 16 weeks (not quite 4 months). I lost the majority of the weight straight away but the last 10-15 pounds will not come off. It is very discouraging. I've put in so much time at the gym and try to watch what I eat. Breakfast/Lunch I'm very low carb, healthy and then for dinner if we are having potato, I'll eat potato, if we eat pasta, I'll eat it too. I do give in and go for the late night snack/treat with my husband but outside of that I've ate pretty good. Regardless, I've not lost a pound since my baby was a week old. I will breastfeed for about 8 months I imagine, or until the teeth come in and I get bit and the fun/joy is replaced with fear and anxiety over being bitten again! I did 3 natural drug free labours but being bitten while breastfeeding by new little teeth isn't fun! Anyways, I'm hoping that the weight will come off once I stop, I seem to recall with my 2nd that once she nursed less and was on more solids (around 6 months) that it started to come off and then once I stopped it was a lot easier. I definitely feel encouraged after reading other women's posts... the lack of weight loss and clothes not fitting has really been getting to me. My baby is worth it and this is only for a little while! Good luck to all you other moms!

Posts: 411
5/30/12 11:41 P

I've had 3 babies, breast fed all of them and couldn't lose a single pound while breast feeding. Ok I did lose a few pounds but I still had over 20 to go. Talked to my doctor and he said a lot of women are like this.

Posts: 190
5/30/12 1:55 P

I am 3 months PP and having a hard time losing the last 10 lbs of baby weight with exercise, diet, and nursing. I feel hungry all the time! Getting enough sleep is problematic, too - I know I need to sleep well to feel great and drop pounds, but baby boy is still waking up at least once a night. I also have a Mirena for the first time as my BC and I do not know if it is also impacting my efforts. I am going to do my best to eat well and make time for exercise while he is nursing, since he is my priority, but I also want my pre-mama body back! I had more weight to lose, but it came off easier.

Posts: 4,211
5/25/12 8:04 P

I am bf and have lost 36.6 lbs so far. I am now 8 months pp and still EBF. You have to watch your calories... eating an extra carb or serving in a area in mim like a piece of fruit or extra protein. You also got to exercise and eat low fat. Your Body will still produce milk even if you eat on the lower caloric end of your range.

Posts: 277
5/25/12 12:05 P

I breastfed my son for 8 months and I didn't lose any extra weight at all until after he weaned. But I didn't gain any weight either. :)

Posts: 572
5/25/12 8:21 A

I breastfed my daughter fro 14 months and never lost an ounce of the extra baby weight while breastfeeding. Once she was weaned, I lost 30 pounds within 6 months through mostly diet changes (very little exercise).

Posts: 4
5/23/12 4:01 P

Although breastfeeding actually BURNS calories (350-500/day), I have found that I am constantly FAMISHED. Now that my baby is a year and slowly nursing less and less the "bottomless pit" feeling is starting to fade, but for the first six months, especially, I was always really, really hungry.

I have not lost any weight at all this past year (except the initial 20 lbs. right after the baby was born) and, on the contrary, have been gaining. Many of my friends say that the weight "melts off" when they are nursing, but obviously it's about simple math, for the most part. Calories in, calories out. If a nursing mama and a non-nursing mama are both consuming the same amount of calories, the nursing mama will lose like a pound a week or every two weeks compared to the non-nursing mama. And of course that doesn't take into account calories burned through exercise...

I'm putting way too many calories in, so I'm back on SparkPeople, logging my foods and being hyper-aware of what I'm putting into my body. Time to get back on track and be the best mama I can be!

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Posts: 167
5/18/12 6:58 P

Breastfeeding (and I did that for about 10 years in total) had zero impact on my weight). Only eating in a calorie range and exercising has done anything to budge my weight.

But don't listen to me - I've had other issues to contend with also. I had Coeliac Disease underlying any efforts I put in - I only went gluten free when my littlest was about 1 yo. She is now 4 and 1/2. My weight has moved a little since I went gluten free and extreme dairy restriction - now I think I'll be able to!! Well, I am!

Posts: 69
5/17/12 11:03 P

I have breastfed 4 kids, all at least a year, and my weight loss experience has been different with each. The first time I lost all of the baby weight quickly, but I was also 22! The second time, I remembered that I had lost it easily the first time and expected the same, and therefore was a bit careless about my eating. I still lost all but about 5 pounds eventually, it just took longer. The third time around I found out I was pregnant again before I even got her weaned, so I didn't even think about weight loss! The fourth time I figured I needed 500 extra calories a day, so I enjoyed a lot of food! I did have to supplement with formula some with him due to supply problems, so I really wasn't burning that much extra but still ate like it. Unfortunately, I didn't change those habits after I weaned him and actually gained weight back. He's two now, and here I am on SparkPeople finally on my way back to where I was after baby #1! In every experience, though, I lost more weight after baby was 6 months or so. I believe that when their nutritional needs increase, so does what your body burns to keep up with them.

Posts: 11
5/3/12 5:16 P

I lost weight while breastfeeding because it seems I didn't have time to eat and if I found time I'd rather sleep LOL I have put some of the weight back on because I was sick and was on steriods and plus I no longer am breastfeeding.

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Posts: 236
5/2/12 3:58 P

I had two altogether different experiences with nursing.

With my daughter, I dropped all of the weight and easily slid right back into my pre-pregnancy clothes with minimal effect on my body within 12 weeks. I gained alot of water weight while pregnant with her, but the nursing really took the weight off. I took up running shortly after cleared for exercise and I think that helped to shape me.

With my son, I gained like 60#'s while pregnant with him. I was nursing him, but I never really lost the weight for a variety of reasons. I did focus on losing once I weaned him and with healthy eating and exercising the weight came right off.

Posts: 7
4/27/12 7:07 P

i m nursing my 5months old and back in my pre pregnency weight (without any diet or exercise ..)but still has flaaby belly and muffin top working on it....

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Posts: 1
4/25/12 10:11 P

I don't think that breastfeeding necessarily makes losing the pregnancy weight any easier. My baby is a year old now, and I've gained at least 30 pounds while breastfeeding her this past year, and that's on top of the 35 pounds I gained while I was pregnant. Trying to wean her now, I hope I'll be able to start losing the weight soon. My weight gain may have more to do with the postpartum depressionthat I get after my pregnancies than the breastfeeding though, since I also gained weight after I had my first child, and he was bottle fed. Good luck to anyone trying to lose the baby weight, I feel for you!

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Posts: 9,520
4/5/12 5:32 P

Well, breastfeeding won't cause you to gain weight; it's a calorie-burning activity. ;) If you gained weight, it's probably because you were eating too much. YOu only need to add 300-500 calories a day to support a nursing baby!

Posts: 252
4/4/12 12:43 A

Oh man I never lost weight breast feeding. On the contrary I gained weight! I breast fed my forst till 2 1/2 and I gained a doos 45lbs over that time. He was always eating and there was barely any time to do the normal household chores and errands much less exercise before he needed to eat again. The with my second I feed her for 1 year. I gained with her also but not as much. I might be weird though because with both I lost like 40lbd just being pregnant.but after my 3rd month post partum it would start to creep back on.

Posts: 7
4/3/12 9:32 P

I am glad to see that I'm not the only one on here that us breast feeding. My LO is 2 mo. old and is my 5th baby. Ive always been a distance runner so I have never watched what I ate - I figured I would just burn it all off. But I just turned 35 and am not happy with how I look. I've got 16 pounds to loose and patience isn't a virtue I have. I'm also a candy addict!! It's high time I get my and my families diet into the healthy range!!
But no matter how long it takes to shed these pounds, nursing my LO is more important than anything - he deserves the best start I can give him. Good luck with your weight loss mommies!!

Posts: 2
2/27/12 4:16 A

I believe this is my first post!

I am currently breastfeeding my third child. I breastfed my first for a year and lost all the weight (40 lbs) during the first 6 months. I breastfed my second for 7 months and never lost 20 out of the 60 I gained. This time (my baby is only 11 weeks). I gained 30 and have lost about 20 lbs. I am currently only 12 lbs heavier than I was when I got pregnant for the third time. It's really hard to compare all three pregnancies and the weight loss during breastfeeding because my weight gain varied (as did my diet, unfortunately).

From my experience, breastfeeding does help me lose weight, but only to a certain point. I never put any effort into eating right during or after my second pregnancy and here I am 30 lbs heavier than I was before having children. The amount of weight you lose while breastfeeding weighs heavily on your diet. Many women report cravings while breastfeeding. They say to eat an extra 300 calories per day while pregnant and an extra 500 while breastfeeding. Therefore, IMHO breastfeeding burns/requires less dieting and more self-control. Because for me, weight loss never improved after weaning.

SparkPoints: (54,915)
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2/26/12 11:36 A

Lactation consultant in training here. :)

Nursing can help you lose weight, for sure; with my oldest child, I lost 30 lbs in 6 months, because she just ate SO MUCH I couldn't keep up with her.

However, many women find that their bodies hold on to weight to help produce breastmilk. It's important not to try to restrict calories when you're nursing, because you and the baby both NEED those extra calories. If you don't get them, your body will turn to more important things to get them, like bones and muscles.

Both the experts and the ladies you talked to are right. The best bet would be to ask women in your family what their experience was, if you can. Your genetics will be a better indicator than a medical textbook or a friend's experience.

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Posts: 41
2/25/12 7:49 A

I had post partum thyroid problem after my first one, I am hoping that I won't this time! I had gained so much weight even if I was breast feeding... With my second I lost (so far) 18lbs by just nursing... Now here I come for the last 50lbs on Spark People(I am making it sounds like the biggest is already done even if I know it's not! I am being optimistic here!) ...

Posts: 939
2/24/12 9:53 A

I am still nursing my daughter, and it helped me lose some weight, but I haven't started really losing until now, as I exercise as well. I hope I don't gain weight back when I start to wean her.

SparkPoints: (1,766)
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Posts: 42
2/16/12 6:11 P

I have my own experience. I'm not sure it will "prove" anything, but I will tell you my story. I breastfed my daughter for 13 months. I lost a significant amount of weight in the first month, for obvious reasons. I didn't lose much until about month 8. I lost 15lbs. between Month 8 and Month 10. I didn't lose anything else after than. I actually gained weight after I weaned her, too. My situation I have been told is a little different than normal, but it is what it is.

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Posts: 12,694
2/15/12 5:19 A

The last couple pounds came off after I stopped BF at 4.5 months.

Posts: 183
2/14/12 11:51 P

With me I did lose a little faster than normal if I put concentrated effort into it but I was sooo hungry that I would often eat those extra 500 calories and it wouldn't make a whole lot of difference. Once I quit breastfeeding I was used to eating more so I initially gasined more weight. For me the only thing that works is consistent tracking. What I have found talking with others is that most people would lose the 20-30 pounds that they were supposed to gain relatively fast but the rest of it seemed to stay alot longer.

Posts: 2,707
2/14/12 1:16 P

I nursed my second for almost 2 years. I think that the "easier" weight loss is just that nursing helps your uterus shrink back faster, so you look smaller faster. I did get back to my pre-pregnancy weight fairly easily, but I gained a lot back anyway, all while breastfeeding. With my first I nursed, but not quite exclusively, and only for 8 weeks. I lost the baby weight fairly quickly. (I was WAY younger, then, though!) I ended up gaining about 20 pounds over the next few years, though.

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Posts: 114
2/13/12 10:14 P

breast milk has so many calories per ounce, you will lose weight when you breast feed. I lost all of my baby weight in 6mos but I had been dieting too.

Posts: 5
2/13/12 8:44 P

I know experts say that breast feeding helps lose more weight in the 6-12 month range, but from all the ladies I've talked to, they are mostly saying they started losing weight after they weaned.. Does anyone have any input or experience that can either back this up or disprove it??

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