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4/10/14 2:31 P

Hey there! I understand what you are going through! My suggestion is to ask your doctor to put you on MetFormin. It has been proven to help women with PCOS to not only loss weight, control food cravings, but also become more fertile! Birthcontrol helps with the symptoms but will make it harder for you to become pregnant. I have heard of many success stories from when with PCOS and on MetFormin. I am on it just to help lose weight that seems to want to stick around. Hopefully this helps! Don't give up :)

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4/10/14 2:24 P

Hey there! I understand what you are going through! My suggestion is to ask your doctor to put you on MetFormin. It has been proven to help women with PCOS to not only loss weight, control food cravings, but also become more fertile! Birthcontrol helps with the symptoms but will make it harder for you to become pregnant. I have heard of many success stories from when with PCOS and on MetFormin. I am on it just to help lose weight that seems to want to stick around. Hopefully this helps! Don't give up :)

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3/30/14 1:21 P

Hey ladies. I also have pcos. When I was younger the doctors didn't know what to call it but told my mom to put be on BC or I would have trouble conceiving when I get ready. She never did and thought it would make me go get pregnant. Fast forward 16 years and I'm 24 married and we've been trying for 4 years and nothing. My weight fluctuates between 240-245. I had one doctor tell me pcos is a fat persons problem, lose weight and it'll go away smh. I've been 135 and still no period. I want to lose weight but even more work out my hormones so we can have kids.

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2/24/14 8:43 A

Hi all! I've just spent some time reading over this thread and I have to say I learned a ton. :) I was diagnosed while in college and about all my doctor has said is "lose weight." When I was in high school I walked regularly and lost weight easily. In college I was forcing myself to walk regularly (fortunately, it's a fairly big campus) and nothing was helping at all. :( I did managed to pull myself down from the all time high of 270...but I can't seem to get out of the 250s.

But my emotions have been what has really scared me...and now I understand why. Depression runs in my mom's family pretty heavily, but I seem to go about nuts. About 6 years ago my best friend died unexpectedly while on a trip overseas, and it sent me into a tailspin I've never quite recovered from. Since then I've gotten married, but there are days when my mood is out of control. I hesitate to blame it entirely on PCOS, but I know that's not helping matters! I also think my thyroid is off...but try convincing doctors, you know? Does anyone know if there is a link between PCOS and thyroid problems?

So I know now I need more vegetables in my diet...which I knew, but now I know better why. :) So, I'm sticking around to see what other advice you ladies have.

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1/17/14 12:28 P

So you are saying it is possible to lose weight and battle depression when you have PCOS?

11/11/13 6:21 A

Conception is possible with PCOS. When I was first diagnosed, I was put on metformin which regulated my hormones enough to conceive my daughter. Several years later, I got my act together again, but this time instead of medication, I lost over 50 pounds which helped regulate my hormones and conceived my son.

Good luck with the doc!

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11/11/13 1:42 A

Hi everyone! I just started here on spark people and the first thing I wanted to do was find other women with pcos. I am 28 and getting married next fall. I was diagnose with pcos about 3 yrs ago and i know I'm not doing everything I can to help the situation. I want to start!!

The one thing that worries me the most, and perhaps motivates me the most, is becoming pregnant. I have wanted to be a mom my entire life and my Fiancè and I want to start trying right after we get married. But with pcos, I have a fear that that will never happen. I stress over it everyday.

I have an apt with a different endo Dr in few weeks. I hope we can come up with a plan of action. I'm willing to try anything. As of right now I'm not on anything that's helping my pcos, except metformin, which is for my type 2 diabetes. My periods are non existent and its been that way since high school. I was on birth control for a yr or so and that worked but I'm not currently on them now. My hair has started thinning alot, which saddens me because I used to have really thick hair.

I guess I just finally realized that it is time to take action. They said losing weight may help alot with regulating my periods and conceiving. So I'm here to give it a go!

Does anyone have any positive stories for me? Is there hope?

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10/30/13 10:42 A

Good morning everyone!!

I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS as well. There is a SparkTeam for it that everyone should check out! It is difficult, but it isn't impossible. Keep your head up!

10/23/13 11:51 A

Morning ladies! I have been dealing with PCOS for close to 15 years. I am 34 years old and average about 225 lbs. As a teen I always was a little heavier and had excess hair. My periods where never consistent. And as I got older without birth control they were nonexistent. No one could ever explain it until I got married and decide we wanted to conceive a child. I was diagnosed with PCOS and my doc at the time did a ovarian drilling procedure on me. I regret this to this day.

The second procedure was to remove scar tissue caused by the first procedure. I had been having bad pains and it was caused by this scar tissue. My husband and I did 5 IUI's after this procedure and was not able to conceive. We ended up adopting our little boy who is the light of my life. We started the process for a second adoption in 2012 and are still waiting on a placement.

The third procedure was just recently where my left ovary and tube were removed. I had some large cysts on both ovaries, but my left ovary wasn't functioning at all. Since this has happened (only 2 months ago) I have had regular periods. My obgyn is hopeful we could get pregnant. We are going to try again to conceive and that is why I am here. I have about 50 pounds I would love to lose.

If I can be of help to anyone please let me k emoticon now.

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10/18/13 11:38 A

I was diagnosed with PCOS about a month ago, but I had been suffering the symptoms for about a year and a half, and probably longer.

I had been gradually gaining weight and didn't understand why! I may not have been eating super healthy or exercising a ton, but it was the same foods I had been eating for my whole life and it just didn't make sense to me why I was gaining as much weight as I was. I usually gained 5-10 lbs each month.

Once I was diagnosed, I started doing a lot of research and found out about insulin resistance and I knew immediately that was part of the problem! I had/have serious intense cravings for carbs and sugar.

Right now I am on birth control (but I've decided I don't want to rely on birth control as it does not solve the problem.. it only gets rid of the symptoms. so I want to find a more natural way to deal with it) and I take D-chiro-inositol for insulin resistance. I haven't seen a lot of changes yet, but I haven't stuck with any sort of meal plan but I really need to.

I also ran into Katie Humphrey's video's on youtube about PCOS and she does a 90 day video series where she shares her own personal strategies she used to get her hormones regulated and body working without synthetic medication. The information she shares is AWESOME!

Anyway, I feel like I have a long road ahead of me to get this taken care of so I will welcome any and all advice! :)

9/10/13 9:06 P

You are going to want to focus on foods with a low glycemic load. This will help to regulate your blood sugar. The basis of PCOS is Insulin Resistance. This site should give you some ideas of what foods have what kind of glycemic load

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9/10/13 8:53 P

I am so glad I found this group . I was diagnosed withPCOS about a month ago. Over summer I was working towards losing my last 6 lbs before my husband and I started to try to conceive our second child. We got pregnant the first time no problem, well we weren't really trying. When I couldn't lose the weight and actually started to gain weight I became discouraged and concerned. After my dr brushed it off a few times I switched dr.'s. My new dr. Agreed with me and ran blood work right away. Then an ultrasound to confirm. I will be going to an endocrinologist on Oct. any tips, or menu ideas are greatly appreciated

9/5/13 11:36 P


I was first diagnosed with PCOS a little over 12 years ago. I know how long ago, because I was diagnosed by my endocrinologist in September, got put on metformin and then conceived my daughter in October. It was like as soon as the hormones were in place BAM there she was. After having her I didn't take care of my PCOS. I finally decided enough was enough and I went to a different endocrinologist and this time I was referred to a nutritionist who got me to do Optifast (12 weeks of meal replacements, 6 weeks of transition, then a healthy modified diabetic diet). It was great. I got down to 150 and my symptoms started going away. My period was regular without birth control. I wasn't getting as much facial hair. Everything was getting in sync. BAM I conceived my son. I am one of the lucky ones. When my hormones are regulated I conceive like gangbusters.

We've got a girl and a boy now so this time, I am getting my weight and my pcos under control for myself. I went to an endocrinologist again. I am back on optifast and I've lost almost 20 pounds so far. In addition to the meal modifications, I am increasing my physical activity to help lose now and to have it be a habit to help keep it off later.

The best advice I have for someone who has just been diagnosed is to find a good endocrinologist who will work with you and what you want out of treatment.

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8/29/13 9:56 A

Im so excited to have found this forum. I too have been diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago but have had the symptoms for closer to 10 years. I am 30 years old and am currently at the highest weight I have ever been.

With the PCOS which started after I had my first daughter 11 years ago we had a very difficult time becoming pregnant with our now 17 mth old son. It was only after we gave up on trying I went on the pill for 2 months and lost 40 lbs during that time as went on a diet similar to Dr Bernstein that we became pregnant immediately after that.

I lost all the baby weight withing 4 weeks as most was water but have since put it all on and need to find a lifelong lifestyle that will help me be healthier for myself and my family.

I am happy yo read all of your suggestions on how to deal with pcos and what has worked for everyone else losing weight with it.


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8/24/13 11:41 A

@Sindreanna, weight loss CAN happen with PCOS. It's difficult, and our bodies will crave and fight carbs like crazy, but it can be done. I lost 60lbs by eating right alone when I was in my teens, and since I started exercising and eating better, I have lost 20 again.

It sounds like maybe the diabetes is causing a lot of issues for you. I hope you do get it all straightened out!

I can also say that I highly reccommend (to ANYONE with PCOS or who suspects that they have PCOS) that they see an endocrinologist (or reproductive endocrinologist if you want to get pregnant) as well! Endocrinologists deal with hormone issues specifically, while OBGYN's are more familiar with general women's health issues.

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8/12/13 1:44 P

Hello I'm new to the site as of today! I found Spark after a good friend at work said he uses the site and app to help him lose weight so I started to check things out and found this message board.
I am almost 31 years old and have been dealing with PCOS (fully diagnosed about 8 years ago maybe a little longer and was lucky enough to have my son 4 years ago this October.) However I have recently been told that the problems with my PCOS are getting a lot worse and the only options if the IUD and hormone pill doesn't work will be surgery. which my doctor told me he believed would by the time I was in early 30's with the way things were going while trying to get pregnant. Since my son I've had a huge laundry list of problems some got a lot worse and others were new.
For almost the past 4 years I am now topping the weight between 240-250 I will flux 10 pounds a month , I do not have periods much at all anymore since we had to get off the birth control pills since my hypertension was crazy my doctor started to get use to triple digits top and bottom with me each time I came in that is how bad it got. My son was born a month early because of my blood pressure being so bad, he was only 3 lbs and spent his first month in the NICU it was not fun since then I'm still dealing with the weight diet and exercise isn't helping much.
I'm on or have been on many medications to find most of them I can not take because they make me very sick or make something else worse so no Metforim like most people can take, no more birth control to help with the hair, acne, and other issues so I am on an IUD because if I do not have at least that I will start to bleed out for months at times and now I had to add hormone pills to that to help since there was some other issues as well.
I also noticed after my son was born I had migraines I never had before and after many specialist and medications I've seen listed on this site and other some women say work none worked for me. I still suffer from them which my neurologist called "complicated migraines" which she believes are triggered from stress.
This last Friday I ended up at the ER because I could not see out of my right eye I would get he blurry vision, or loss of vision for a moment making it hard to see the computer at work. I went in knowing what was wrong and with the years of this they have everything on file and knew what to do real quick to relieve the pain on the top of my head and relax everything. I was given three pills I can not remember the name of them at the moment to take if I was having the headaches or if there was issues with the vision knowing that is always the starting point however the pills will knock me out and the doctor said that was kind of the point. My issue is, how can you work when you're like this?!? I went a whole year almost with no migraines at all or "episodes" since the problems of : blurred/loss vision, peristalsis of my right side face, hands pretty much all of my body even loss of speech, I will soon after almost just pass out and black out not remembering anything and can sleep a full 24 hours without movement. This has scared my husband when it would happen and it can last a few hours to a few days depending on how bad things are. I was told stress triggers it, however it happen when I am not "aware" of stress like this last week.
I do not have strokes or anything like that it all checks out, no epilepsy or anything just the "complicated migraines" has/does anyone else deal with this like this bad? It is making working very hard and I can not afford to lose my job over this but I don't know what else to do.
My husband went as far as recording me when it was going on many times, taking pictures and showing them to the doctor at all different times and stages.... some of the videos were news to me since I didn't remember them at all! It was scary and I will start to repeat myself, forget what was going on and have a very hard time remembering things, which started a little last week before Friday. I'm still having some problems with that now. Any ideas or support areas to check into? And could this type of extreme migraine be connected to the PCOS ....

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3/11/13 5:45 P

Welcome and good luck on your journey Amy!

You're definitely in the right place for plenty of support and a lot of encouragement!

If I can make a suggestion - try to make the changes you've mentioned small and gradual. It'll be a lot easier on you and on your family (my family still refuses to eat brown rice for example, but they now think that white bread tastes funny). The changes you're making are towards a healthier diet and it will be good for your family as well as for you.

Breaking habits is difficult, but done slowly over time they seem less overwhelming. PCOS is a lifetime concern, so if it takes a little time to get where you need to be, then so be it.

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3/9/13 9:09 P

Hello, My name is Amy. I'm a 35 yr old married mother of an 11 yr old, soon to be 9 yr old and a 6 mo old. I was diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance in 2006, prescribed 1500 mg of Metformin and exercise. That worked well until I became pregnant last year. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, put on a strict diet and a new medicine. After giving birth to my daughter I thought nursing would help get me back in shape as it did so many other women. Nope, not me. I gained 30 more pounds AFTER giving birth. My PCOS symptoms came back full force (weight gain, intense sugar cravings, anxiety, and the dreaded cystic acne). After 5 months I gave up nursing, got back on Metformin and the birth control pill. After about 6 weeks time the only thing that has changed is the acne. It's been SO much harder to control my PCOS this time. SO I found Spark and I'm hoping to find other people like me that I can learn from and connect with. :) I have figured out that I need to cut out all sugar, processed foods, yogurt, and white flour. The biggest challenges for me is the planning and breaking old habits. If I don't have a meal plan in place for the week I set myself up for failure. The smaller challenges are making meals that everyone can eat since my husband and children don't have these issues and finding recipes that don't require breaking the bank because they require uncommon and expensive ingredients. I hope that being a part of this community will help get me going in the right direction!

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2/2/13 2:42 A

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was about 16. I never did anything about it and didn't bother to listen to my doctor, because he didn't explain the repercussions of it very well. And truthfully I was tired of being told what to do by the doctors. They had been running me around because of high blood pressure, migraines, and a bunch of other things that I had been warned would kill me by the time I turned 20. Well I am still here! Now I am going to see a therapist and she also has PCOS. So I am going to try doing what she says. She is on an organic diet. So I will try that but I don't have the money for it. And since I don't buy the groceries I also don't really have much of a say in my diet. Still I am trying to get a handle on my life.

Cheers to everyone who wants to feel better!! emoticon

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1/30/13 10:48 P

Does anyone live in the Chicagoland area near a doctor who is familiar and proactive about addressing PCOS?

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1/23/13 10:23 A

I think I'm jealous... Ok, I know I'm jealous!! My SO doesn't like to give flowers because "they just die anyway". Although he did buy beautiful slate flower pots for my garden as a surprise for me last year, so that may compensate a little bit. He spoils in me in so many other ways though, that I don't mind.

I'm so glad your talk with your husband went so well. He sounds like a great guy who really wants you to be happy.

I love walking as well. We have some beautiful trails here, although most aren't very convenient to the house. Once it warms up though, I'm planning to start dragging my daughter along a couple of nights a week and going to some of the different trails. At the moment, it's a bit cold... - 40 degrees, and it doesn't matter if you're measuring in Celsius or Farenheit, -40 is the same in both. We've hit the deep freeze part of the year, but in another month it should be consistently warm enough for me to walk to work a couple of days a week. I can't wait!!

I like your idea of watching fat intake. I'm aware of fat in foods, but I don't pay it a lot of attention. I've been focused on sugar instead, which has helped me cut back on things. I think it's probably the same idea, just a different focus. I've made drastic changes in my diet in the past which always ended up failing. This time, making these small little changes has helped so much. I hope you have good success as well, and I have my fingers crossed for you as well.

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1/23/13 9:51 A


I am very lucky to have the Dr I do! He is one of the leading experts in the field of PCOS. Even after not seeing me for about 5-7 years (due to my moving around) he remembered me as soon as he came into the room. He has a great bedside manner and wants me to tell him when I'm happy or unhappy with the various treatments and ideas he has concerning me. He is the only Dr I trust (and I've seen many!)

Last night while I was working out, there was a knock at my door. There was a woman holding a bouquet of flowers for me! My husband, knowing how down I've been over the past few weeks, ordered me a gorgeous bouquet and made sure it was delivered when I was home! I was so happy and surprised!!! Little things like that make me so thankful to him and for him. I talked to him about compliments and he was very receptive. He is going to try to give me more "I'm proud of you because..." or other little boosts to my self-esteem that have nothing to do with words like "beautiful," or "pretty."

I love walking, but its just too darn cold outside to do it! My Dr wanted me to walk the hills around my apartment, but with it being so bitter out (it is currently -7 degrees outside at my work!) I opted for some in-door exercises. I'm also being really careful of how much fat I take in during the course of a day. I never really paid too much attention to it before as I was focused more on the amount of calories I was eating. I have noticed just in the few days I have been paying close attention to my fat intake that I've changed how I eat. I find myself going for more fruits and veggies than I did before. I am hoping that this new focus will help me to start to see some results in the way of weight loss. *fingers crossed!*

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me! I really appreciate you responding to my posts! I look forward to talking with you again!!

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1/22/13 4:12 P


It's awesome that your doctor is so much on the same page as you that you were both thinking about the calorie intake change at the same time! My doctor is good, but not quite that good!

I tend to stick to cardio that I'm familiar and comfortable with as well. My workout of choice is 30 min on the treadclimber every day. I've been TRYING to change it up by doing slightly different workouts on it each day fast and hard, one day alternating a slower pace with a faster pace, one day a nice even middle pace, and so on and so forth. I try to walk to work every now and then as well, although that's not reliable exercise considering how cold it gets up here this time of year. I need to get the strength training added in more consistently as well, but when time is a crunch, that's the first thing to go.

One thing I've found is that when people give me a general compliment, I tend to dismiss it completely. I don't see myself that way, so the automatic assumption for me is that they're just being nice. And it's even easier to make that assumption with my SO since I wouldn't be with him if he wasn't a nice guy... What does work with me is if he gives me a specific compliment, like "That dress looks really good on you." or even better "One tug and I could have you out of those jeans in a second flat!" (I like that one because it's a double whammy...first he finds me attractive enough to want me out of the jeans...and second, those jeans are so loose because I've lost the weight!)

I had to ask him to not tell me I looked good, or beautiful, or pretty or whatever....but tell me WHY I looked good. And from that evolved into him telling me that I needed to go shopping for new clothes because the ones I had were too loose and didn't fit properly any more. It feels good to know that he's looking at me and seeing ME and despite that, still wanting me.

I hope your conversation with your husband goes well. Feeling good about being yourself makes everything so much easier, and if your partner is the one making you feel good about being yourself, then it makes your relationship so much stronger.

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1/22/13 10:32 A


Thank you so much for your advice! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to me!

I just went to my doctor yesterday and my caloric intake level was changed from 1800/day to 1500/day. I was really excited about that because I had planned on discussing that at the appt, but didn't need to as Dr brought it up first! We also talked about changing up my exercise routine so that my body doesn't get used to doing only one thing (my thing had been riding my recumbent bike while lifting weights at the same time.) I'm going to throw in some interval training during my weekly workouts with the hope that that will also jumpstart some weight loss. When I was doing Weight Watchers, I plateaued with my weight many times because of a lack of "changing things up" as far as my points were concerned. My WW program never changed my points, no matter how much weight I lost during that time. I would go in and manually change the points I was allowed to eat, but it still didn't work the way I was hoping it would. Needless to say, I became very discouraged with that program and was excited when my Dr told me to quit WW and try things his way.

I really like how you and your SO have handled the compliments thing. I have tried to explain my point-of-view to my husband, but he really doesn't understand (he does try!) and continues to hope that if he tells me I am beautiful enough times, I'll start to believe him. I'm definitely going to take your advice on this and talk with him about approaching it in a different manner!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

BERKANA_T Posts: 138
1/21/13 4:23 P


I've been dealing with PCOS for years now, like you. Official diagnosis was about 5 years ago, but I've been dealing with symptoms for about 16 years. Until recently, I struggled to lose weight. Recently, I've managed to drop 20 lbs, and am still going down.

I haven't tried Alli or Sensa although I had tried other similar products in the past. They didn't work for me. I'm also working on conceiving, and would be hesitant to take anything that might harm a baby before I knew I was pregnant and could stop taking it.

What has worked for me is following the modified diabetic diet my doctor originally put me on, moderate exercise, and a whole lot of encouragement and support from my SO. He told me just this past weekend that he was so proud of me for the weight I'd already lost, which is the best motivation one could ever ask for!

You say that you're in the process of getting things normalized...If I were you, I wouldn't stress too much about losing weight until you do get things stabilized. Concentrate on eating healthy and on getting some exercise, without focusing on what the scale is doing until you feel that you're stable, and THEN start making changes to lose the weight. In fact, making healthier food choices may be all you need to kick start a slow weightloss.

One other piece of advice is to talk to your husband about complimenting you. I've been in that headspace where someone telling me that I was beautiful prompted an instinctive "You're LYING!!!" response, because I certainly didn't see beauty when I looked in the mirror. My SO and I talked about this same issue, and he no longer tells me I'm beautiful. Instead, he tells me that he's proud of me...for choosing to NOT have pepsi with dinner...for getting up every morning and working out, no matter what...and he loves working in a comment about me needing to go clothes shopping again...or threatening to pants me in public! (No, he wouldn't really do it, it's just teasing!) He's good at working those comments in at random times, and every single time they leave me feeling very good about myself.

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1/20/13 3:42 P

@TORRIEHOSKINS, my story is similar to yours!

I have offically had PCOS for 11 years, although like many of the ladies on here, had the symptoms for much longer but couldn't find a doctor who would take the time to do what was necessary to diagnose me. I couldn't even tell you how many doctors I went to before I found one who literally looked at me for 5 seconds and said, "You have PCOS...and I'll prove it to you!" He did all of the tests and sure enough, I had a diagnosis that afternoon. It has not been easy dealing with PCOS over the years. My weight has fluctuated from 250 pounds (my heaviest to date) to 200 pounds (which occurred as a result of my trying to cope with a very abusive boyfriend...I basically stopped eating altogether.) My family moved around a good deal, which resulted in having to leave the doctor who diagnosed me and go to other Reproductive Endocronologists, who were not well versed in dealing with PCOS. My last doctor messed with my medications so badly that what weight I did lose for my wedding a little over a year ago, I have gained back and then some. emoticon

Recently, I was able to go back to the doctor that diagnosed me emoticon and we are in the process of trying to get things normalized. I have toyed with the idea of trying either Alli or Sensa, because my husband and I want to start a family and this weight is just not budging. I know it is better for me to be at a healthier weight when I conceive so I was wondering if anyone has tried either of those pills (or something similar) and the pros and cons you experienced. My husband is always telling me how beautiful I am in the hopes of building up my self-esteem, but I can't believe him because when I look in the mirror, beauty is the last thing I see.

Any words of wisdom from you all would be greatly appreciated!!! I am so thankful that I found this board!

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1/19/13 5:05 P


your story sounds just like mine...I went to three OBGYN's before my current one and when I saw my now obgyn she looked at my history, the dark patches of skin I had and what not and told me right there what he issue was....I coudln't beleive...three other ob's said there wasn't anything wrong...I was insulin resistant, but nothing else was the problem...they said I wouldn't get pregnant weighing what I did all of 200pounds then...People with pcos can have children, even overweight women have babies but its safer to have a child at a healthy weight...that's what I am aiming for

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1/19/13 5:01 P

I was diagnosed with pcos in October 2009 after trying to get pregnant for two years with two failed clomid cycles....I have been on 2000mg of metformin a day since then to keep my insulin levels where they should be. I also suffer from hypoglycemia, so I have to be sure to eat soemthing that will stick with me when we do our shopping and I am walking alot...that causes my sugar to drop if I eat something that isn't going to stick with me before out shopping ....I have been overweight since I was a teenager. I remember wearing a size 9 at the age of 13 but it didn't last long in that size...I was balooning faster then i realized and in 2009 weighed upwards of 265 - 270 pounds :( My obgyn said that I needed to get down to 230 before trying to get pregnant, which I am at now...but still unable to coceive....I am a big sweets person, but know that knocking that out of my diet will help a lot :) Its just giving it up istn' east :( I went gluten free (per drs orders in 2011) and went from 230 to 217 in a little over a month...but the weight started creeeping up on me a few weeks after going GF...just because its gluten free doesn't mean u can eat anyteim u want...there 's a lot of sugar in that kind of when I found out I wasnt intolerant to gluten I stopped eating that way...its so expensive to go GF...we spent lots of money on that stuff when I was doing that...but Im glad I didn't have the issue they thought I had...I have read up on the low GI diet, but am not interested in trying it...I know if i limit my breads, processed foods, sugars and what not, that it will help.... Ive done it before and can do it again...
PCOS makes getting pregnant difficult, losing weight impossible it seems, but easy to gain weight :( I have seen ladies that are stick thin with pcos, it effects everyone differently...

MELMOMOF4 SparkPoints: (7,311)
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1/13/13 7:22 P

i did have it several years ago. it was hard dealing with all the emotional ups and downs. i starting walking everyday. i found it releived alot of my stress. and changed the way i was eating. the doctor even put my on meds for it. just hang in there. it will get better. just keep going on the right track that you are on. hang in there and i will be praying for you. if you need to talk feel free to email me. i hope this helps melanie

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1/13/13 6:47 P

to reply to AIMZIES1

i know this is way late, but....many women who have pcos are overweight, even super overweight, and have safe and healthy pregnancies (providing they follow their doctors directions, watch what they eat, etc)....there are also many women who suffer from pcos are are totally thin and at the weight they shoudl be for their height, build, etc....they just happen to have the pcos issues....

i would look for a different doctor, asap. I am overweight, and my doctor never said once to me don't even think about it (or anything else). she guided me, and informed me of what the risks were and how to deal with them. i too left the doctor's office crying a few times, until i found my new doctor whom i love, is more way more sensitive and listens to my cocerns....before i was officially diagnosed, i had numerous bllod workups, ultrasounds, etc.

there is no cure for pcos however, how you eat, how active you are and if you take medication (if prescibed) properly you can significantly reduce the symptoms....again, i knwo this is super late, but i wish you luck!

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11/8/12 2:51 A

How did the low GI diet work for you? I've been reading up on it, but I haven't made the switch yet. Did you find it helped you lose weight? What about your energy levels?

So grateful for the support on here, knowing I'm not alone!

BERKANA_T Posts: 138
10/29/12 4:17 P

I have PCOS, along with many of it's oh so wonderful symptoms/side effects. The bad news is that women with PCOS are at elevated risks of developing some very nasty conditions and/or diseases at an earlier age. The good news is that it can be managed, often with diet and exercise although many still need to or choose to take additional supplements and medication.

Low energy levels have been a bit of a roller coaster bane for me. Some days/weeks/months are better than others. One thing I'm careful of is to make sure I'm getting enough iron and vitamin B (in all it's various formats), since low levels of those contribute significantly to energy level. And it doesn't need to be below the 'normal range' to be low. Consistently being at the low end of the 'normal range' is enough to send me heading to rock bottom energy-wise.

At the beginning, my doctor had me strictly follow a modified diabetic diet. Low sugar...low glycemic index foods...combining carbs with proteins...etc. I'm not nearly as strict about following that diet now, too many years on, but a lot of that is because it's more or less second nature for me to eat that way. There are a lot of options re: diet that can be good for a woman with PCOS to live. Finding one that you can live with is key, just like any other diet change.

I think that the most important thing for anyone with PCOS is to have a doctor that knows and understands how PCOS works as well as the risks it presents for other areas of their health. I spent many years frustrated and discouraged by the lack of support, and even outright opposition, from various doctors. I've heard way too many times "you just need to lose weight" or other similar nuggets of advice.

There are web forums that are keyed to women struggling with PCOS that are full of advice, ideas, and people to empathize with.

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10/27/12 10:04 P

Get a New Dr ASAP!!! That is terriable I Never developed PCOS untill after having my 1st child and tried and tried to get pregnant with my 2nd child for 2 1/2 years. So after 2 Miscarriages and and being very depressed I stop trying for about 6 months. I decided to try a new Dr and when I walked in the new Dr said I can tell you what you have just by looking at you. She rand the tests anyways and I did have PCOS. She put me on metformin and I Was pregnant within 2 months. I know that is rare but it may just take getting a new Dr.

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7/17/12 11:18 P

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 10 years ago. I started putting on weight shortly before I was married, and now have about 70 pounds to lose. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 6 years, with various fertility treatments, but before we start investing more money, I've decided to lose some weight.

For me, I have a hard time with grains. I'm focusing on lean proteins, lots of veggies, and lots of fruit. When I eat fruit, I make sure to eat it with something else to make sure my blood sugar stays stable. Although I do not have diabetes, lots of PCOS gals have trouble with insulin regulation, including myself.

For the questions about being diagnosed, both my regular OB/GYN and my RE (reproductive endocrinologist) have said that bloodwork and a vaginal ultrasound are needed for a diagnosis. I'm aware some doctors don't do both, but that's how I was diagnosed (and how I've continued to be monitored since then).

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7/12/12 8:49 A

Sweetheart, you need to see another doctor!

I had twins with severe PCOS about 8 yrs ago. I am 41 and I have a son that is 22. I was thin with him but with my daughters I weighed in the two hundreds and had them when I was 32. I have all the symptoms of PCOS except the acne.


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7/12/12 1:59 A

I have PCOS and suffered for 7 years to try and lose weight and get pregnant. I ended up getting a gym membership and changing my eating habits. With PCOS your body has a harder time processing sugars. Go low carb and gluten free with your eating. Lots of fresh greens and water. You will be able to lose the weight. I did it without metformin. Plus, twice I was able to get pregnant. :) You can do this. PCOS is only a stumbling block that you can get over.

AIMZIES1 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/11/12 2:43 A

I was just diagnosed today, I went to the dr because my fiance and I have been trying to concieve but have been unsuccessfull. The dr very bluntly told me I "am to fat to even be thinking about ovulating" I need to "lose at least 50 lbs" befor my body will think about functioning properly. I left the office in tears and without much information other than go see a diff dr about getting on metformin. The dr I saw didnt do blood work or ultrasounds absolutely nothing other than look at me and yell at me :( DO any of you have any information that you'd be willing to share?

MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,479)
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7/10/12 8:23 P

Brown rice, beans, legumes and greens are all cheap. Plan out everything so that nothing is wasted--make leftovers into soups, salads, side dishes, etc. emoticon

7/10/12 7:43 P

I"m so glad I found this forum! I was diagnosed with pcos this last December and it's been a huge adjustment for me. I put on a ton of weight from a past abusive relationship and have been struggling for the last 10 years or so to loose it again even before I was diagnosed. I don't want to loose the weight and then gain it all back because I lost it too fast. My husband says I"m beautiful the way I am but I want to feel pretty and not be terrified to wear shorts or anything. My biggest problem is having the money to buy the food to eat healthy. My husband is on disability because he has seizures and has a brain tumor which barely covers our rent and I make minimum wage. Does anyone have suggestions to overcome the money issues?

MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,479)
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4/6/12 3:37 P

Actually, I initially did it because my husband wanted to in order to lose weight--then he switched to low carb three months later! emoticon

I cook meat for them--they are SO not going for the vegetarian thing--we're from emoticon Texas (okay--that's really a Chilean flag, but close)! So if we grill, I just plop my veggie kabobs or Portobello mushrooms next to the steaks. If we have spaghetti, I take my sauce out before I add the meat, etc..

UTMOM5 Posts: 7
4/6/12 2:04 P

Did your family go right along with your diet changes or are you cooking meat for them and just avoiding eating it yourself? I've tried to just cut out some of our protein - red meats - and my husband and children threw fits. My hubs said that he needs more 'substance' than the recipes I had tried (mainly substituting beans into our staples instead of hamburger). What advice would you give?

UTMOM5 Posts: 7
4/6/12 1:58 P

So did you go into your OB and get an official diagnosis? I didn't mention anything to my OB, he just looked at my acne and said that it was PCOS. But, I don't have a weight problem, I just need to loose my extra baby pounds, and he told me that most women with this also struggle with weight problems. I'm hoping that it doesn't mean that the weight problems are in my future! I'd much rather take care of it on my own before any problems (besides my horrid acne) arrise.

MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,479)
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4/6/12 1:04 P

IMO the gov't guidelines for protein are too high--our kidneys can only work so hard. I recommend you go to the vegan teams and search for protein--they have some great ideas there. Warning: I wouldn't post a thread asking for protein ideas--those vegans can get very bristly when folks post "common" questions. Basically, if you eat rice and beans in the same day you've got a complete protein (for cheap!).

There are also some good vegan sites/newsletters free on the web.

For me, cutting out dairy was key (I think that's what caused my cystic acne).

JOLENEDOWNS SparkPoints: (0)
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4/6/12 12:52 P

Can you share some ideas of how to get enough protein? That is my biggest concern. So I should cut out dairy as well?

MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,479)
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4/5/12 4:38 P

For me it was a miracle--I didn't count calories, carbs or fat. I wasn't even doing SP yet. I just started losing weight.

I spent a long time researching vegan nutrition, recipes and meat alternatives but if I could do it again I would just eat lots of produce and whole foods and not try to find substitutes for everything.

JOLENEDOWNS SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/12 4:32 P

I was having symptoms of acne, lots of facial hair (yuck!), weight gain, lots of fatigue and mental cloudiness. I went to the doc...she took blood and found my cholestrol slightly elevated, everything else looked good. And ultrasound of all of my organs and then an ultrasound of my ovaries. I knew something hormonal was wrong, but never heard of pcos. After looking it up...I could see that this is clearly what I have. I am wishing you the best of luck!

JOLENEDOWNS SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/12 4:29 P

Mrs Jocco,

Thank you sooooo much! I cannot believe how my symptoms are just like yours! Wow! I am totally going to do this! So was it difficult to lose the weight when you went vegan? Because I have changed my WHOLE diet (not vegan though) and I can't seem to lose anything. In fact, I think I gained a few pounds! I just want to cry...but that's not me! I am not a pity party kind of girl -- I am gonna do this, one way or another! :)

MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,479)
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4/5/12 12:28 P

I cured my PCOS by eating a vegan diet--really! emoticon

Within three months of eliminating animal products from my diet I lost 30 pounds, my cystic acne went a way, my energy level sky-rocketed, my A1C went from pre-diabetic to very healthy, my cholesterol went from very high to normal, my feet no longer hurt (it used to feel as if I was walking on rocks all the time and my feet even hurt when I was sitting or laying down), I now longer had neuropathy (burning and tingling sensation) in my thighs and my brain fog went away.

I used to take cholesterol medicine, birth control pills and Spironolactone for the acne, and lots of ibuprofen for all the muscle aches and foot pain--now I only take thyroid pills. I've been taking them since I was 8 and will always have to take them, but now I'm on the lowest dose I've ever been prescribed.1

That was 3 1/2 years ago and I haven't gained one ounce (in fact, I've lost, due to increased exercise). I started eating fish about one year in and added dairy at Christmastime.

I hope you find what works for you! emoticon

UTMOM5 Posts: 7
4/3/12 9:18 P

How did they diagnose it? My OB thinks I may have that due to my severe acne. I don't have any answers for you....except perhaps to google it.

JOLENEDOWNS SparkPoints: (0)
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4/3/12 9:13 P

Hey! Has anyone else suffered with Polcystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS? I have recently been diagnosed. I have changed my diet and am quite proud of how well I am doing. I try to exercise, but this thing has kicked my butt! My hormones are a mess and my energy level is 0. I am trying to find some other women who have had this problem and try to figure out what I can do to ge things moving. Starting to feel discouraged and need some help. :)

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