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Weight loss a year or more after having a baby??

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4/2/13 11:10 A

I can relate. I have 3 babies, the first two i was fortunate enough to breastfeed all the weight away. I think that i depends on your body whether or not this works. With my 3rd however i thought i "knew it all" and acted as though pregnancy was my free for all to eat whatever and sit around. It was my first time as a full time stay at home mom and had no other activities. i went from 135 to 190 and only got down 160 after breastfeeding stopped. I went thru post partum bad as well with my last but only in the sense that i wanted to hide from everyone with my new baby and never let anyone touch him, no one touch me and it was really weird. I dealt with it on my own because i refused to use any meds while nursing. THen at 10 mths i was hospitalized for 5 days on all kinds of meds and forced to quit nursing...that sent me in a total downward spiral and total heartbreak for me...still hurts and my lil guys will be two in may.....I have thyroid issues in my family history on BOTH mother had hyper(thyroid works too much) and my aunts and grandmas hypo(thyroid slow or doesnt work at all) I can say that here at my local hospital you can actually pay like 35-70 dollars to have a blood panel done without ins or a dr referal. I know this because my thyroid levels have always been borderline my whole life. and i refuse to take a drs word for what "normal" is. I did a bunch of research on what "normal" levels were and found that there is a wide range of normal HOWEVER even the slightest up or down level can affect weight, mood, and over all health. I would call your hospital and ask if they do blood work ups for a charge without drs referals. Most do. ANd i got my detailed results instead of them going straight to the dr, i was told exactly where my levels were instead of "normal" or "abnormal"...good luck i totally understand!

Real quick if i can add....the only time my levels are truly normal is during pregnancy and while nursing..for some weird reason my body fixes itself while pregnant and nursing...weird huh..however soon after nursing stops and those hormones are gone my thyroid acts up again

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3/31/13 2:41 A

I know a few women who developed thyroid problems after having their babies. I know you mentioned not having health insurance but what about looking into a local clinic (free or sliding scale)? It sounds like it might be worth knowing if that is the problem.

I also think that for someone who is working out 3 hours a day, 1400-1500 calories is just not enough food! I know here on Spark when I put in my weekly average calorie burn (2300 calories), my recommended calorie intake jumps about 150-200 calories. I am close to your weight, so I suspect we would be given similar recommendations. It may sound a little crazy, but what about trying one week of up-ing your calories to 1600-1700? It might help break that plateau. I know that this has worked for many people who were unintentionally eating too little and sabotaging their metabolism.

As for your 3 hours a night at the gym -- it sounds like this isn't something you are doing because you love to be at the gym! So that being said, I think you could streamline your workouts so that you are spending half the time in the gym (or less!) with the same results. Perhaps you need to reduce the time you spend working out and up the intensity? One or two personal trainer sessions would probably make a big difference in terms of recommendation.

I am not a trainer but I have recently lost baby weight so here's my exercise plan advice ;) Are you already doing high intensity, interval style exercises like spinning, or running/jogging/sprinting? I think a program like the one below (which aims to not spend more than 1.5hrs/day at the gym) might save you time and perhaps jump start your weight-loss again:

45 minutes Weight lifting (upper body and lower body)
45 minutes of high intensity, interval training like spin classes, jogging/running/sprinting on a treadmill or elliptical etc.

60 minutes core exercises (a pilates or yoga class would be perfect!)
30-60 minutes cardio (elliptical, jogging, cycling, zumba etc.)

Saturday: An exercise activity that you love (swimming? ;) -- or hiking, going for a bike ride, pushing your baby for a long walk in stroller, or just get into the gym and take whatever your favorite class is (spin, yoga, kickboxing, step, zumba, whatever you enjoy!) or hop on your favorite machine.

Sunday: rest, recover, spend time with your family and appreciate what you have in life. If you can be active together, even better.

Anyway, I hope I didn't sound preachy or all-knowing! I relate with your dilemma and hope this might help! :)

So that's my two cents and what has recently worked for me when my weight-loss stalled about 1.5 years after baby. But I happily now weigh less than pre-preg weight because this is pretty much my routine (plus tracking calories most days with an aim of about 1700 calories).

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3/28/13 6:15 P

For optimal nutrition help, try looking into AdvoCare, I just finished the 24 day challenge, & I've never felt better! Their products are amazing! BTW, I did become a distributor in the process so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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2/24/13 4:11 P

You mentioned depression - are you taking medicine for that? I had depression after one of my children were born - I took medication for it. Just to let you know - one of the many side affects from those types of medicines is weight gain and a bigger appetite.

Just in case that applies . . .


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2/22/13 10:50 P

I would suggest posting over in Diet & nutrition and asking for help. :) There is less traffic down here, and there are threads there that may help you.

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2/22/13 9:06 A

Thanks for the praise, I only feel discouraged because I dont see any improvements or any weight loss, for me its not noticeable...

I do track my meals using an app & website called MYFITNESSPAL. On the app it stated me off at 1200 calories but I thought it was too little since I was doing sooooo much activity, Now I am eating between 1400 & 1500, it changes with my workout days. I am also doing the protein supplement shakes, using the Optimum: Gold Standard 100% Whey. I started them mainly because my trainer said that 1200 calories and working out soo much made me very exhausted and that I wasn't getting enough protein in my diet.

Here is the shake mix I have been using:>

Has anyone else had this problem of stalling with their weight loss? I seem to have plateaued at 146-152.

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2/22/13 8:27 A

You are doing an amazing job so far. Congratulate yourself for that. You might look into maximizing your workout so that you don't have to do 3 hours. I bet with a new workout plan you could get the same results in an hour maybe less. Personal trainers are expensive but you could buy one session and work on finding a new workout plan. It is very important to vary yoru exercise so that your muscles don't get bored.

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2/21/13 5:12 P

op: first of all, congrats on the weight you have lost. emoticon

are you tracking what you are eating?

i spent most of my life thin like you. the pounds didn't start creeping on until i was in my mid thirties. i was in unfamiliar territory. at first i tried eating what i thought was healthy and working out. nothing really changed until i joined spark and started tracking my food. even though i thought i was eating healthy, i was eating too many carbs and not enough protein or fiber. what i thought was a serving of cereal was often 1.5 or 2. habits like the handful of cheese its i grabbed when making the kids lunch added up to extra calories. looking up meals when i ate out was a shocker. One that shocked me the most was jimmy johns #12 sub. what i thought was an ok choice was 800+ calories and 38 fat grams.
I actually work out less now than i did 6 months before starting sparks. I was jogging 12+ miles a week then. now i jog about 9.

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2/21/13 11:02 A

Here's the thing. No matter how much you exercise, it won't help if you aren't managing your nutrition as well, too. Exercise is critical, but I see no mention here of your diet.

Weight loss happens in the kitchen... not the gym. To repeat an old maxim, you can't out-exercise a bad diet. If you're under or overeating, weight loss is more difficult.

You are making progress, though; you've got from 168 to 146. That's a huge loss, and I'm not sure what about that isn't noticeable! You're doing great.

Having babies does change your body, and you may never see 120 again. That doesn't mean you can't get close, or that you can't lose weight. You are losing weight, it just takes longer the less you have to lose. You have to close the gap on your calorie deficit, because the less you have to lose, the slower it needs to come off safely.

Don't compare your weight loss journey to others. We're all individuals, and my journey isn't your journey.

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2/21/13 10:43 A

I would like to know if anyone else has had issues losing weight years after having a baby?

I had a baby in May 2009, Before my first pregnancy I weighed 120 lbs. By 41 weeks I was 198 lbs. (I had pre-eclampisa and Gestational Diabetes which resulted in almost 80 pound weight gain as well as caused me to have an emergency C-Section) and After about three months I was down to 169 lbs.
I did breastfeed for 2 1/2 years and i never lost a single pound.My weight never changed from what I was the day after I had my daughter. Nothing in 3 years.
By Thanksgiving of this past year (2012) I weighed 168.9 lbs and I said to myself no more,so I started a gym plan, the second week of December 2012. I started out doing full body workouts ( by doing weight lifting/training) and an hour of cardio 3 days a week -- Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I do 2 hours of cardio and swim laps on Saturdays. I have chose Sunday to be my rest day. It takes me about three hours a night.
Since I started this plan December 16th, 2012 to now Feb. 21, 2013 -- I am down to 146 lbs. but I honestly dislike that i am spending three hours a night at the gym, mainly because I feel like I am putting in the work without any noticeable results.

I have had people ask if I have a thyroid problem caused by pregnancy but I dont have health insurance anymore so I cant get it check out..does anyone else know if this could be the problem?
I spent my entire life never gaining weight, and I was ALWAYS at or under 120 pounds, so the last few years have been a nightmare. I have always been activity, I love doing long distance backpacking trips but with the extra weight I have I just cant do the things I enjoy anymore emoticon I had really bad postpartum depression which hasn't ever truly gone away, and this weight loss issue is making matters only worse for me.

All my friends were size two's got pregnant and then were right back to size two in a matter of a few weeks...It seriously irks me, no one can relate and its leaving me depressed and frustrated....

Has anyone else struggled with any of these issues too? anything would be helpful!

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