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MIUMIU24 Posts: 2
1/30/11 5:31 P

Thank you for all your advice!

1/27/11 9:12 P

Fix your calories according to your exercise plans. Days you're doing exercise require more calories and days you're not, you can eat less. Good luck!

1/27/11 8:53 P

I agree with the rest of the group. You can only keep from gaining on off days by sticking with the calorie intake guidelines. Good Luck!!

1/27/11 8:20 P

Every workout program needs days off. You need to recuperate in between workouts or you burn out. In some cases, not resting leads to injuries and you want to avoid that at all costs, especially if you are just starting out. The other side of the coin with exercise are sound, nutritional choices and portion control.

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1/27/11 7:41 P

Here is a reality that was presented again on one of the Spark People videos: in order to lose weight, it often helps to exercise 60-90 min accumulated 5-6 days a week.

I'm finding that in order to break through plateaus I have to really PUSH to make it so. My body does not want to give up the pounds at this age & stage.

Also, I'm having to continually adjust to needing less calories than I used to have as age changes ones' metabolism. That has been the most difficult adjustment for me personally.

And the person who commented about weighing too often...right on! Once a week is MORE than enough, in my opinion.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
1/27/11 7:19 P

Why, yes there is - eat less.

Ok, seriously, for most people, weight loss is about 80% nutrition, and just 20% exercise. By watching your intake, you should be losing weight without any exercise at all. (Obviously including exercise is the faster and healthier way to do things).

Most experts recommend working out at least 3 times per week as being consistent with good health, so it sounds like you are there already. But if you want to add more, why not try something simple like walking for 20-30 minutes on your non-cardio days.

Strength training should be part of any exercise program - and one of the advantages of strength training is that it boosts your metabolism, burning more calories throughout the day (even on non-workout days), not just when you are working out. Strength training doesn't have to mean fancy machines or scary weights - a simple routine of squats/lunges, pushups and planks will give you a great workout using just your own bodyweight for resistance.


JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
1/27/11 6:14 P

If you work out, you tend to sweat, right? Then those days you tend to knock out a bunch of water and don't necessarily gain it all back. The days you don't work out, you're not losing 1-3 pounds (or more) of water weight, so the scale doesn't say so.

There's a bigger problem here: you should NOT be weighing every day! Miniscule (or major) changes daily are NOT indicators of fat loss - they are indicators of water changes. Weighing should be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Measurements as well are a better indicator over the months of actual body changes - not just water changes.

AOGOAE Posts: 4,073
1/27/11 6:05 P

If you aren't a seasoned exerciser, you shouldn't do cardio every day.
You can weight train on your off days if you like, but avoiding weight gain is done in the kitchen- not the gym.

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1/27/11 6:04 P


Weight loss is not based on a daily basis alone, but what happens over a period of time. You don't just lose weight only on your days you do cardio. You can do cardio on back to back days if you feel you can do so.

I wish you well!

MIUMIU24 Posts: 2
1/27/11 5:56 P

I just started exercising again a few weeks ago. At the moment I'm focusing on doing cardio at least 3 days a week, but I'm worried about my days off. Is there anything I can do to avoid gaining weight on days I'm not doing cardio? Or is one or two days in a row of no exercise harmless?

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