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Weight gain after having 24 hour virus

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2/24/13 12:07 P

It's water. Your body started holding on to it when it sensed you were in trouble. Be sure to get your 8 glasses in today. That will signal to your body that everything's okay and you'll see those pounds vanish.

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2/24/13 11:06 A

Our weight is not a static number. There's more going on than the amount of food we eat. I agree that all the soup could be causing some water retention from the sodium.

Your weight will shift quite a bit over the course of the day. I wouldn't worry about weighing at all until you're back on your program.

Posts: 19
2/24/13 10:44 A

Probably the sodium in the soup led to excess water weight gain. Drink plenty of water, it will come off. Feel better!

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2/24/13 10:32 A

How can this be? I came down with flue like symptoms. Diahreah and vomiting. One bowl of Mrs. Weiss chicken soup one day. Second day - 3 bowls of soup and also the third day. And checked and weighed the same. Now 2 days later, I have gained a pound? And I am still not back to 100 percent normal and definitely not overeating.

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