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2/9/12 2:35 P

ok! Thanks emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 64,391
2/9/12 12:34 A

A quart of water weighs 2#, so I'd not be concerned.

JJAURORAFEM SparkPoints: (18,059)
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2/8/12 7:12 P

Ok.....So I've only been working out and eating healthier for almost two weeks now..... I've been diligent about eating my balanced healthier foods (I hate the word diet) and working out including cardio 4 days a week and strength training 2 days a week to start out (Later I plan on raising the cardio per week but I'm trying to give my body time to adjust to this new lifestyle).

My question is this...In 4 days, I lost 3lbs.....I've been consistant....but got on the scale this morning and I had gained 2lbs back. Eek! Why am I gaining? Is it muscle weight? And if so, would I already be building muscle this early on?

(I jumped into this life style 5 months ago and the same thing happened. For 2 months, I'd lose like 3lbs then gain 2.....I even plateaued for a few weeks) Should I just be patient? Or?

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