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KNACKERS11 Posts: 114
7/21/14 2:20 P

Look at the fitloop site. Lots of great videos and workouts there. Also, has great recommended exercises and you can filter by the equipment you have available (None will get you the bodyweight ones). I find sparkpeople a little light on engaging resistance training workouts.

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7/18/14 11:11 P

Lots of great ideas here. Yoga and calesthlenics are great.

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7/18/14 8:50 A

you can use your own body weight. try back to the wall with a ball

There are videos on here that will help you

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OKGOATGAL Posts: 404
7/17/14 8:00 P

You could do yoga, modifying to elbow instead of wrist add mentioned for the plank type poses. Squats, lunges, calf raises, balancing exercises for the core. Listen to the Dr and try for a physical therapist to build back up after you are out of the splint.

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7/17/14 10:58 A

I was going to suggest the same thing as Motivated@Last. I'd also recommend ding things like bridges and single-leg bridge-ups.

RUBYREDSTAR19 Posts: 3,522
7/17/14 7:27 A

Google body weight exercises. If you take a squat down, super slow, hold and rise you are using muscles under tension. You will still get results without the bar. Anything you do like that will get results

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 14,901
7/17/14 3:23 A

The best thing you can do for your upper body strength at the moment is to let your wrist recover as soon as possible by NOT loading it up with strength training.

Squats, T-stand/airplane pose, modified planks (on your elbows) are at least going to work most of the major muscles in your lower body and core, without putting strain on your wrist.

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7/16/14 4:08 P

If you're in a splint, I'd talk to your doctor first before holding any kind of weights in your hand or using your hand to support yourself in any body weight exercises. The only exercise that I can think of that doesn't use hands at all is squats/wall sits. To push the intensity of the walking, you could carry a weighted backpack. Hope you heal soon!

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
7/16/14 3:52 P

Ugh. I'm wearing a splint on my wrist and am on a 10lb lifting restriction from my doctor. Frankly, lifting anything heavier than a water bottle hurts.

Any ideas for workouts that I can do in the interim? I'm walking a few times a week but know that I need to add some sort of weight training as well.


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