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Weight Loss vs. Fat loss... (read on)

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SparkPoints: (311,636)
Fitness Minutes: (292,297)
Posts: 56,216
11/22/12 10:44 P


SparkPoints: (88,862)
Fitness Minutes: (60,317)
Posts: 16,109
11/22/12 9:06 A

so do I

SparkPoints: (57,033)
Fitness Minutes: (34,908)
Posts: 2,323
11/22/12 9:03 A

Fat loss. I need to lose the muffin top and my belly.

SparkPoints: (114,870)
Fitness Minutes: (18,095)
Posts: 5,547
11/21/12 7:46 A

I just want to lose my belly fat! I'm fine elsewhere!

Posts: 679
11/21/12 12:07 A

Yep, I consider the number on the scale a guide, it really is how my pants fit.

SparkPoints: (311,636)
Fitness Minutes: (292,297)
Posts: 56,216
11/20/12 8:10 P


Posts: 1,782
11/20/12 7:03 P

That's a great reminder at this time of the year. Focus on building muscle and much of the rest of it takes care of itself.

Posts: 5,070
11/20/12 8:37 A

I did WW for years and i saw what you described on a weekly basis. A few weeks before the cold weather would start, the leader would always mention that keep in mind the clothes that you are wearing. A sweater may add some weight or the jeans or cords. However, i also found with WW that EVERYTHING seems to be about the scale at least where the weighin goes and that is when I stopped attending. (at least at my meetings). Sure they would celebrate inches lost or extra activity or a smart choice in the sharing portion, but all the rewards except the 16 week one is ALL based on the scale.
So I am more concerned with Fat loss as well. I can lose weight. Everyone can. It is the fat loss that is so much better and if that means that I gain some muscle and it doesn't show on the scale so be it. I will fit in the size 10 jeans eventually and look the part as well.

but more than that, I WILL be healthy. Just because you lose weight and some fat does not necessarily make you healthy.

SparkPoints: (71,884)
Fitness Minutes: (53,638)
Posts: 2,482
11/20/12 8:10 A

Yes, it even applies to water weight loss or gain or even lean muscle loss (which we don't exactly want to lose). Water loss comes back just as easily as it comes off. It's fat loss that's more permanant and what we want to decrease. I'll admit, I enjoy watching the scale go down but I don't want to "cheat" at it either.

Posts: 2,000
11/20/12 7:31 A

You are so right. It makes it obvious that that's why we always hear it's important to not just focus on the scale. I work out with weights so if I'm not always seeing the scale change, but I see changes in my body I'm ok with it. I would rather stay the same weight the rest of my life if it meant I was building muscle and losing fat!

SparkPoints: (7,840)
Fitness Minutes: (1,253)
Posts: 1,462
11/20/12 7:28 A

Ok, a friend of mine was telling me, at her weight loss program, they do weekly weigh ins, but of course the number is private for only the coordinator and the participant.

She was telling me how excited a woman was that she just got her hair cut and was hoping to see a difference on the scale. She also told me how these woman practically strip down before weighing, but they didn't do that their initial weigh in, except maybe to take shoes off.

It made me realize we have to understand that Fat loss is more imprtant than weight loss.

We can weigh less, but not lose any fat, or inches. Like in the case of some water weight, or clothing, or just a heavy meal.

When I see a picture of what 5 lbs offat looks like, that is a lot of Vlume. so even a 2lb fat loss is going to help.

I will not let the scale drive me crazy. I hope that makes sense to others out there too.

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