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Somedays I flip-flop on how I feel about the IUD. I would love to have one (and am not afraid of the pain, however not looking forward to the irregular periods for some time) and when I originally got onto BC at age 17 my doctor at the time offered to put me on one, so it must not be only for women who've had children. The reason they say that (I've heard) is that when you've never had a child, your uterus is not used to holding anything foreign so is less flexible I guess, and it will be more painful to have the IUD put in. I think with the original IUD's decades ago they had problems with women catching HPV or something from their multiple partners. Anyhow, like I said I do flip flop.

Thanks for the insight about why BC pills work less effectively on someone overweight. I am actually on a low-dose pill right now, I went through several different types of pill before my doctor and I settled on this. I am very sensitive to the hormones, they would give me intense headaches and nearly suicidal mood swings. Now that I am on a lower dose I don't have many problems (besides water retention) but I can believe they do affect my mood---make me more quick to be upset and instead of getting angry when I PMS I get depressed. I don't know for sure that the pill is doing this, but I wanted to get off it and see.

*sigh* Why don't they make something non-hormonal that is semi-permanent (like the IUD or that plastic thingy that goes into your arm) but that won't scare us all into thinking we will become infertile? OR they need to make some kind of pill for the men! Yeah! Let me have a break from the pill monotony for a while :P

Anyway sorry I'm rambling, thanks for the insight you guys :)

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If the pill is affecting your weight- New Flash return to your doctor and moan.. It can take a few changes to find happy.. That's why there are so many brands on the market 1 brand doesn't suit everyone.. I got this information from a sex education clinic- if the doctor won't listen change doctors.. My mother was no prude telling me about sex, and it turns out my own doctor back then agreed too..
It took me 5 different products to find happy and 12 years using them problem free.. Now considering using a mirena spiral to go into menopause- removing the womb if a fiberiod is harmless can cause other problems that are disturbing.. The spiral has a 5 year life span and most women going through menopause should be finished bleeding withing that time span..
I got that information from a head Gyno doctor at the department I got my TVT operation.. She found 3 problems not just one examining me completely- my own doctor never mentioned or had equipment to find..

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From my understanding, the reason weight gain makes the pill less effective is because there is more body for the pill to cover. With weight loss you may be able to go on a low dose pill.

For IUDs I think you are suppose to wait till after you've had one child, but maybe that is just certain kinds of IUDs. If you plan on having kids in the next couple years it may not be worth the price or the pain I've heard is associated with implanting/extracting it. I like the idea of non-hormonal options too but am going to wait till at least after our first child.

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I've been searching threads about Birth Control Pills and have found many questions along the lines of "is my BC making it harder for me to lose weight?". I don't have this question, my pill makes me retain more water the 3 'active' weeks but then when my inactive week comes along I drop like 6 pounds at once. Anyhow, that's beside the point...

Since my husband deployed (May) I've lost about 30 pounds, and should reach my goal weight about the same time he comes home for R&R (2 week vacation sometime in the winter). That will be a total loss of approx 50 pounds give or take. I have heard that changes in weight can make birth control less effective. I'm wondering if anyone knows if that includes significant weight loss? I have heard that it does include weight gain.

I realize that for a definite answer I will speak with my doctor, but until then I am just curious. I am seriously considering switching to the copper IUD (to get rid of hormones) but was planning on waiting until next summer to do it. However I may switch before hubby gets home if I fear my BC pill has a higher chance of failure. He has been gone so far 4 months out of our 1 year and 1 month marriage so we'd like some more romantic time before we have mommy and daddy time.

Thanks for any insight :)

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