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11/23/12 8:38 P


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11/23/12 8:21 P

Oh yeah, it was. I was considering using this product. When this incident happened. I was cured.

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11/23/12 3:39 P

O....M...G...!!!............ HOW embarrassing emoticon emoticon emoticon


MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
11/23/12 3:33 P

Alli has some embarrassing side effects. Which scare me. Which is why I won't take it.

For instance if you consume more fat than you are supposed to in a meal then you can have anywhere from light anal leakage to a complete blow out. The leaflet that comes inside the package even warns you to carry an extra set of clothes in the event of unfortunate side effects.

I know of someone that didn't head the warning and Aunt Sue's ivory sofa will never be the same again.

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/23/12 12:44 P

sounds as if you already eat healthy. The ALLI is more designed for obese people and if you only have 10-15 pounds to lose-- you don't qualify. I really don't think it would work for you anyway as if you are already eating healthy and controlling your fat intake, the ALLI won't do anything for you. AND if for some reason it did do something the side effects are certainly not worth it.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (78,828)
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11/23/12 12:00 P

What is your body fat %? Anyone can lose more fat naturally, without drugs. But if you are at an already normal body fat % for your sex and age, the measures you should take to lose more fat can make your life miserable. Some people are still willing to take those measures, e.g. competition body builders. It is certainly doable, but the real question is if you want to do what it takes.

ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,954
11/22/12 4:04 P

As others of said, you may be at a healthy weight. Don't try pills. You have worked so hard to lose weight the healthy way. Why change now?

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,454)
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11/22/12 10:23 A

Your body needs dietary fat, so why would you want to block it using Alli? And the side effects - ugh gross. You say that you already eat healthy and exercise so I say skip the pills and hang in there. It took me a year and a half to lose the last 10 pounds. It was a pain in the rear but it made reaching my final weight loss goal that much more amazing.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
11/22/12 9:28 A

I echo those who don't agree with the pills.

Continue on the path you've already set.
Pills don't teach you anything, or how to maintain a weight - once you get to where you want to be

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
11/21/12 11:06 P

"Congrats" on the weight loss. I would not take those diet pills. I would try shaking up things. Like changing up your workouts or eating plan. I have done calorie cycling which is eating at the low end of your sparks calories for 1 day then eating at the high end for 2 days and then back at the low end for 1 day. I think that if you want to shake things up you can do this. are you doing any strength training.........? that is important too and will shake things up.

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11/21/12 7:56 P

Considering the side effects of Alli, I recommend skipping them.

From the Mayo Clinic Website (

You may experience bowel changes when taking Alli. These side effects can include:

Gas with an oily anal discharge
Loose stools or diarrhea
More-frequent bowel movements
Hard-to-control bowel movements

These bowel changes result from the undigested fat going through your digestive system. You can limit the side effects by eating a low-fat diet.

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11/18/12 5:56 P

Two things come to mind. First, I'll echo what Kris said in that you look great now.

Second, if your body has found equilibrium at your current weight, and you feel healthy, don't mess with it further. And if you were to take the diet pills and if (if.....) you did lose 10 more lbs, what next? Likely, your normal nutrition exercise regime now with bring you back to where you are today, and that would bum you out. You may come to believe those diet pills are needed to maintain your new weight, and that wouldn't be good.

Think back to your maximum weight...there was a reason why you didn't take massive short-cuts, like crazy pills or surgery. You did it the right way, for the right reasons...because you know it isn't about losing the weight, it is about living healthy and keeping it off for the future. Don't sell yourself out now...not for a measly 10 lbs when you already look and feel fantastic...I see no good coming of it.

Good luck!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (247,032)
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11/18/12 5:43 P

hi Nina - I haven't used weight-loss pills so can't comment from experience. What I WILL say tho' is that looking at your photos, I wonder if you are at the weight that you are meant to be - I mean, you look GREAT!!! AND look like you are already at a very healthy weight!

It is one thing to 'need' to lose the weight, but quite another to 'want' to lose it. I suspect you are in the 'want' rather than 'need' category.

You have done really well with the weight-loss - congratulations :-)


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11/18/12 3:35 P

Hi Nina, congratulations on losing 45 pounds so far! That is quite an accomplishment. I think you are experiencing what a lot of people go through-that annoying plateau to drop the last few pounds! Personally, I don't believe in taking diet pills. I have seen commercials for the Alli. I'm pretty sure there could be some side effects. Have you considered getting assistance from a personal trainer? Maybe work with one for 3-4 sessions and let them help you map out a exercise and nutrition plan for the next 6 weeks?

Another resource you might enjoy is Tom Venuto's, "Burn the Fat Flog." It can be found at He has some great tips, strategies about weight loss, and keeps people current with what research says about these issues. I really found one free mini-course helpful called "A Shocking Expose of the 12 Biggest Scams, Cover-ups, Lies, Myths and Deceptions in the Diet, Supplement and Weight Loss Industries!" You can find the link on the right side of the page. I hope this helps!

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NINA-AKANE Posts: 72
11/18/12 3:18 P

I've lost a total of 45 pounds--I lost most of the weight in a year and a half by eating right and exercising 5-6 days per week. I've maintained my weight for several years now but I am unable to lose any more weight. I've tried increasing my work outs, doing less work outs, varying my work outs and calorie intake, etc. Nothing seems to help me lose the last of my weight.

I have a package of Alli (Orlistat) weight loss pills and I was wondering what others would think of me trying this out?
I still eat right and work out 5-6 days per week and I don't need to lose too much..It's not something that I would want to use for a long time..Just as a short-term thing.

If you've tried Alli before then I would like to hear about your experience with it!

Thank you!

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