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DAGNY99 Posts: 1,297
6/7/09 4:10 P

Thanks. I do want part of my journal to be fitness. Now that I can do more, I want to challenge myself to make better time, more miles and so on. I figure I can keep track of that.
I already have the lifestyle ingrained, this is just for motivation :)
Some ideas I have so far:
*Inspirational/motivational quotes
*Goals -long term and short term
*Workouts-found online or created by me?
*Fitness section-for tracking miles and time, as well as steps taken during the day

MUFFINX Posts: 268
6/7/09 3:51 P

The Daily Spark website had a post about fitness journals. It listed some pretty good ideas about what to put in one.

I think it's a great idea to print out articles. You could hang them around the house or just on your fridge to remind you of your lifestyle change.

DAGNY99 Posts: 1,297
6/7/09 3:21 P

I think this topic would go under motivation, sorry if it doesn't!
I have a notebook/journal and was thinking about using it for a weight loss & fitness journal. What are some ideas of things I should put in it?
I also have a folder. I was thinking of using that to print out articles and workouts that are important for me, so that I could keep a hard copy of them.
Do you have a non-online weight loss journal? What do you write in it?

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