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Weight Loss Ads That Make You Want To Scream!

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SparkPoints: (83,429)
Fitness Minutes: (63,720)
Posts: 3,901
8/15/13 9:33 P

All of those ads make me cringe, listen, people, I'm 66 yrs. old, and these kinds of ads and cover stories on magazines, have been going on for YEARS, and there are more fat people than ever...........don't you think if any of them WORKED that would be the end of overweight problems??? Come ON, think about it! All the ads showing people who have lost weight, not one of them shows these same people every 6 months, say, for 10 years, after they lose weight, and you all know the reason why, don't you?? Don't continue to be a patsy to these ads, celebrities who have been paid off advertising junk, pictures of celebs that have been altered so they look younger, now, come know you are being yanked, so quit falling for the same old jive. Sorry, but eating less and moving more is really the only answer.

Posts: 12,406
8/15/13 8:38 P

Much as I hate to defend "Dr" Oz, the e-mail scams aren't his doing. Since he does let any crackpot on his show and won't challenge them, it's really easy for scammers to take it one step farther and make you believe he's actually advertising these products. To a certain extent it's his own fault for letting his credibility sink to below zero, but his organization isn't doing the actual spam e-mails.

What I don't understand is why radio ads in particular have gotten SO bad in the last 10 years or so. The allow claims that seem to me like they should be illegal-- I remember Paul Harvey shilling for some snake oil that claimed to cure macular degeneration. If there's anything that you shouldn't be allowed to sell fake cures for, it's that-- a condition that does have real medical remedies if you get to it fast enough. I wonder how many thousands of people went blind who didn't have to, all because they believed Paul Harvey was a journalist.

Ads like that actually made my parents permanently turn off the radio station they had been listening to for almost seventy years.

Posts: 4,847
8/15/13 8:10 P

SlimQuik ads (spelling?) make me laugh but otherwise these gimmicks are worthless at best, some are harmful. Any 'miracle' drug that lists "anal leakage" as a side effect is not a miracle at all. Save money, by ex-lax, same thing!

SparkPoints: (114,687)
Fitness Minutes: (113,147)
Posts: 4,638
8/15/13 8:02 P

Any and all of them They are all scams. Also Dr. Oz has become involved with these weight loss aids. What is done is you get an email (very sneaky) from a FAMILY OR FRIEND, only it is not them. It is the Dr. Oz organization. It starts off "Hey, Linda, how are you!" I have had countless ones of these, and they really make me mad. Of course, there is no was to get in touch with who sent it.

SparkPoints: (24,320)
Fitness Minutes: (5,137)
Posts: 816
8/15/13 7:22 P

Those that say eat all you want and lose weight.

Posts: 1,019
8/15/13 3:07 P

Sensa...Just shake it on your food and the weight goes away !! It must make the food taste awful so you do not want to eat it. What kind of diet is that.?

Posts: 5,077
8/15/13 2:55 P

Anything having to do with weight loss pills.

Posts: 1,145
8/15/13 10:45 A

They prey on the desperate.

SparkPoints: (31,592)
Fitness Minutes: (18,507)
Posts: 1,377
8/15/13 8:28 A

Most, if not all, make me want to scream. They are all a crock and suck people right in to wasting their money.

SparkPoints: (101,509)
Fitness Minutes: (76,885)
Posts: 2,953
8/15/13 7:37 A

I cannot stand those Jenny Craig ads!

SparkPoints: (9,151)
Fitness Minutes: (4,418)
Posts: 278
8/15/13 6:05 A

The ads are so funny! Thankfully, we all know better. Although I still miss ephedra.

SparkPoints: (615)
Fitness Minutes: (930)
Posts: 67
8/15/13 12:17 A

That ad kills me because it's so true!

SparkPoints: (26,597)
Fitness Minutes: (27,054)
Posts: 390
8/15/13 12:10 A

I agree! I hate them all! They definitely takes advantage of people who are under educated and/or in a vulnerable position related to body issues. GRRRR!!

SparkPoints: (220,327)
Fitness Minutes: (196,480)
Posts: 6,871
8/14/13 11:49 P

I just ignore them!!!

SparkPoints: (61,388)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
8/14/13 9:46 P

I'm with ya on the liposene - the line that KILLS me is "it's not your fault" Really? THANKS.

the SlimQuick one is pretty funny (because it's true!) "we stopped drinking sodas - HE lost 2 sizes...I lost ONE lb"

SparkPoints: (155,498)
Fitness Minutes: (154,471)
Posts: 10,159
8/14/13 9:35 P

They are horrible. Unfortunately, enough people must buy in to the scam. Otherwise, they wouldn't have money to advertise.

SparkPoints: (208,277)
Fitness Minutes: (213,752)
Posts: 3,775
8/14/13 9:06 P

They all make me want to scream, "Is that the way you want to eat for the rest of your life?"

SparkPoints: (52,453)
Fitness Minutes: (15,629)
Posts: 2,086
8/14/13 6:36 P

The liposine commercial really gets me. All these products are clinically proven. If it was that easy everyone would be their perfect weight.

Posts: 2,299
8/14/13 6:05 P


I give a pass to Weight Watchers, as I believe it to be more of a "lifestyle plan" (like Spark) than a "diet."

I know that anything touting a supplement, pill, extract, or "Ancient Formula" is a snake-oil rip-off that does nothing except line the pockets of those who prey on the vulnerable and desperate. Throw in the phrase "as seen on Dr. Oz" and i get extra livid.

SparkPoints: (2,121)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 306
8/14/13 5:39 P

Driving home from the market today and heard an ad on the radio that if I was packing a revolver the radio would be history. The creator of this weight loss pill said, "This pill cuts your appetite by 70% and using this new revolutionary discovery, replaces gastric bypass surgery." Say What? I hate that this guy is trying to take advantage of a group of people who are going through a sensitive time in their life planning or thinking about this surgery.

What weight loss ads have you heard or read about that made you cringe?

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