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I don't have a scale in the house. I find that if i have been exercising consistently, and eating healthier, and the scale does not change, i feel discouraged. So, i figured i'd let my clothing do the talking. And since i've been working out consistently again, probably since June, i definitely have to pull that belt a couple more holes back. And that makes me feel very motivated.
Always good to find what motivates us. It's not always what the scale says.
Stay focused!!!

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9/12/12 3:25 P

Spark has a caviat on their report that allows you to compare you calories in vs calories out. They provide it but do not want us to rely on it to much. While it is a good indication of progress you simply cannot do math from that and figure how much you should have lost. Even the scale can be useless in the short term because it fails to consider a lot of factors. There was guy on another post who weights himself everyday but puts his weight into a spreadsheet and calculates his weekly average. that is a more reliable measure. I have had weights this week that ranged from 249.4 to 253. Depends on the time of day and what my body has retained. I lost 2 pounds yesterday from morning to afternoon because I worked out very hard for 2 hours and sweated like the proverbial pig. A 1 pound variation from 1 day to next is nothing to worry about.

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9/12/12 3:17 P

Stay positive! You are worth all the efforts you are putting into this!

9/12/12 3:09 P

I thought I did really well yesterday, but when I stood on the scales this morning I had gained 1 lbs.

I went for a walk with the dog to calm down. Then sat down and checked my nutritional values and calories from exercise. I only take the cardio calories
into account because the calories from strength training are pretty much a guessing game.

I found that, while I had eaten 1454 calories at the end of the day, I burned
1160 cal from cardio. That left less than 300 calories for my body to consume.
When I adjusted my exercise settings to take into account 4000 calories a week from cardio, my min. and max. calories for nutrition went up to 2100 - 2459 cal a day.

I am NOT willing to eat THAT much! But I will try and eat a min. of 1750 cal
a day on days when I burned more than 1000 cal of cardio:

Walking the dog - 240 cal / hr
Recumbent bike: moderate ( 12-15 mph) - 980 cal/hr
Gazelle - 890 cal/hr

When going over all the other nutritional values I track I also found that my
Potassium is only at 50% of the recommended daily value of 4,700 mg.
Part is probably that a lot of foods do not LIST potassium in their nutritional
values. But I still want to get above the min of 3500 mg.

A lot of salt substitutes (Lite Salt / Low sodium / reduced sodium) combine
sodium and potassium at about a 50/50 ratio, so I can not use those. My salt
intake is already above 2000 mg on average without adding any in the kitchen
or at the table. I do not need to add to that just to increase my potassium.

However Nu-Salt® and No-Salt® Sodium-FREE alternatives contain 650 mg
of Potassium per 1/4 tsp. A lot of people complain about a metalic aftertaste
but I have found recommendations from people who do use the sodium free
alternatives that if you combine 1/4 tsp of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C powder)
with a 3 oz container of Nu-Salt® or No-Salt® the metalic aftertaste is gone or
at least you don't notice it anymore.

I am going to try that and hope for a positive outcome.

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