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7/22/13 8:57 A

I've been keeping a graph of my weight loss for about 4 months and the line is all over the place: up, down, sideways... but over time the average is going down, even though day-to-day (and even week-to-week) it's unpredictable. Although it really would be nice to see that line just go straight down, unfortunately the scale does not tend to be the greatest way to measure consistency.

As for the water, maybe you can find some tips here?

There are also some threads from people with lots of ideas on how to drink more water through the day. Remember if you're chilly down under that hot water with lemon still counts :)

Good luck!!

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7/22/13 3:52 A

Thanks all..I'm gonna keep doing it..even if the scales don't budge at first...I'm sure sooner or later the weight will come off...although it would be nice if we saw results consistently...also I m having trouble drinking 8 cups of water as its winter down under. No order m. Having important is drinking water to weight loss?

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7/21/13 12:30 P

It took awhile for my weight to start to lower when I started out too. I thought something was wrong because people kept saying that you tend to drop quickly in the first week or so ('water weight') but that wasn't the case for me. Don't be discouraged! Stick with your plan and you will see results--in fact, you already are! The reduced inches are really something!

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
7/21/13 12:21 P

Sometimes it may take up to 6-8 weeks for your body to adjust to a new fitness program. While you are burning fat, your body is likely holding on to water. DO NOT OBSESS OVER THE SCALE! Look for other measures of progress as you already have with your measurements. Instant gratification is nice, but remind ourself that a lifestyle change will not produce results overnight...unless it's sore muscles.

DASHKATH Posts: 861
7/21/13 6:36 A

There are lots of factors that can influence the numbers on the scale. Menses, salt intake, starting a new exercise program, fluid intake, alcohol intake, etc. The fact that you have lost inches is great! Try giving it another 2 weeks and see where you are.

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7/20/13 11:24 P

second week into spark people program and was hoping to have lost 1 kg at least as I exercised for 6 days for at least 20 minutes, ate within my nutritious zone except dinner last night when I exceeded calories but was still within calories quota for the day...what happened? Can 1 meal of indulgence screw up things...or because I am at that time of the month ( ending of menses cycle today) and I am carrying extra fluid weight? How is it that I have lost 1 inch from chest, 0.5 inch on abdominal waist, 3/4 ths of an inch on thighs then? Go figure...any ideas as to why weight loss didn't occur? Please respond if you can help.

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