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7/30/13 12:34 P

Coannie- That is why I love Curves a lot better. I knew WW took and made food free a lot and I knew better than that. I think that is why I kept gaining weight because I ate more fruit and vegetables than I should have since it was free. I also add the food as you said how to do.

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FRISKYBOY Posts: 193
7/30/13 12:29 P

That is exactly what the scales did the last weigh in. I waited and didn't weigh on Tuesday, I weighed in on Friday and it was a 3.8 loss after gaining the week before1.2 I was shocked! And loved it too! And last Mon and Tues I was bloated also. emoticon I'm going to start drinking some green tea and see if that helps. I used to drink it every day and I don't remember being bloated. I heard if you drink Peppermint tea it help, so I'll buy some of that too. Anything to help LOL. I'm having to go help my neighbor next door put some eye drops in her right eye for Cataract surgery today. I went this morning and she said to me" You still haven't had your baby yet'? She too can see I'm bloated. We laughed and I said " No not yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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7/30/13 11:32 A

I'm no medical expert, but I would think if you are bloated every Tuesday when you weigh, that the scales will still accurately reflect the change from the week before. Then you'll really have a treat in store when the bloating fizzles away.

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7/30/13 10:13 A

I used to weigh in on Tuesday, just because I started Spark on a Tuesday. I changed it to Wednesday, though, because I do tend to eat more snacky stuff on the weekend and was bloated on Tuesdays.

About the calories in a cucumber- all food has calories. You may be getting WW points confused with actual calories in food. No points for green veggies on WW, but they do have calories.

The tracker has not only the average calorie counts for common foods, but also many foods entered by individual Sparkers, which may or may not be accurate. I never go by what the tracker says if it doesn't match what my package says. I enter the food myself if it doesn't match what is in the Tracker. This can be tedious, but I know it's right. Say I have a package that is 1.5 ounces, but the tracker is for a 1 ounce package. There will obviously be a discrepancy there, so I enter my nutrition as I read it off the package. Just click the "Enter a food not listed" button to enter your foods if they don't match what is on the tracker.

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7/30/13 8:12 A

Good Morning,

Thank you for your replies. I do use the Nutrition page and log in everything I eat. I really love Sparkpeople. I exercise 3-4 days a week. I noticed, the other day when I checked the graph after I ate, I did have more carbs than usual. I will admit I am having some concerns when I log in my meals that some of the food that I think should be O carbs and no calories DO have calories and carbs. For instance I had a home grown Cucumber, it had some calories, I believe a few carb too. What I didn't understand it had less calories with the skin on than it did without the skin Why? I thought Cucumbers had nothing in them as far as calories or carbs.

When I do put the food into the Nutrition I have to have the exact name of the food or the calories are wrong.When I see the calories on the Nutrition page and then I see the label on the package they are not the same when it comes to calories. Why? Like the bread I eat is Healthy Life High Fiber 100%Whole wheat and it's only 35 calories but when I log it on the Nutrition page it shows 80 calories. Only two pieces are 70 calories. So the calories I do on the Nutrition page don't match up with the label on the package.. It's higher than what the label on the package says.

I drink 8-14 glasses of water a day, I thought maybe 14 might be too much water. I try and eat only fresh veggies cooked but sometimes I get the frozen packages also in case I run out of the fresh. On the fruit I eat strawberries, blueberries, bananas, grapes,apples, peaches when in season. I try not to eat too many in one day, but some days that is what I grab instead of something not healthy. On vegetables I eat Spinach, Zucchini, red potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, beans,(not all the time)cucumbers, tomatoes, Turnip greens(frozen), Frozen corn on the cob. The bread I only eat the Healthy Life 35 or 45 calories.

On some occasion when I wait too long to eat, I have a sandwich with 1 oz of light potato chips. I've lost 56.8 lbs.( WW and some with Curves)

I'm not looking for a weight loss every week, but I sure would like to get rid of the bloating I get Mon and Tues. :) Maybe with the new weigh in change I'll do a lot better. Hopefully anyway. I'm not giving up.. I'm going to hit my Lifetime goal one day, and I'm determined to do it too!

The reason I had stayed with Tuesdays weigh in is because I was a member of WW and that was my weigh in day at the meetings. I got tired of the Pts all the time so my sister introduced me to Curves and I love it better than WW. I don't mind putting in the calories. It's so much easier than trying to find the pts for the food I eat. So instead of changing days I stuck with Tues for Curves also. I decided last night before I went to bed I'd change my weigh in day to Wednesday or Thursdays. I do use the bathroom before I weigh in and only have my under clothes on. This bloating all started AFTER I had my colonoscopy several years ago. Before I had it I had no problems.

This puzzles me in a way, because I am one that eats about the same thing every day, so why would it make me bloated on Mon and Tues, and not the rest of the week????? I used to put lemon juice (from a bottle) in my water, but I thought that might be causing the bloating. It said in an article that real lemon is much better. So I'm going to pick up a bag when I go grocery shopping tomorrow. I was out one day eating at Subway. I put some lemon juice into my water, after I ate I was running to the bathroom :( So I only put lemon juice in water at home now :-) Sometimes I wish it would give me the same effect on the morning or my WI... I'd really weigh in light. emoticon

Anyway.. I do hope this new day to weigh in helps and I can find a way to get rid of this bloating on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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7/30/13 7:36 A

Are you tracking your food carefully every day? How much sodium and fiber are you eating? That makes a huge difference when you weigh in.

I don't belong to Curves but my weigh-in day is Sundays. As others have mentioned, can you change your weigh-in day?

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7/30/13 6:55 A

I'd have to agree with the pp's-- it would seem that you're eating/drinking something on the weekends that causes you to retain water/ feel bloated. Personally, I always weigh in on a Thursday or Friday-- my work days are a little more "regimented" as far as what I eat; often we go out to eat on the weekend, and restaurant food seems to always have more sodium in it than what I cook at home.

I should think that since you're doing Curves online, you could change your weigh in day to whatever day you want.

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7/30/13 4:56 A


Is there something about what you've been eating towards the end of the week that is causing your bloating at the beginning of the week ? It does seem unusual to only bloat at certain times of the week. That does imply that something is causing it.

Do you happen to eat foods that are high in sodium over the weekend ? Do you eat things like canned soups or frozen dinners ? If so, excess sodium will cause a person to retain water and bloat. If you're not eating salty foods over the weekend, are you eating a higher percentage of fresh fruits and veggies ? Certain veggies (like broccoli or beans) can cause a person to get "gassy". Excess gas can cause bloating.

Does that mean you should give up on veggies ? nope. but it does mean you should increase the amount of water you drink. When a person increases the amount of fiber they eat, they should increase the amount of water they drink in order to keep that fiber moving through their bodies. so, do make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

And do you have to have your weigh in on Monday or Tuesday ? Why not swap the day to one where you feel more comfortable ?

Remember, there is more to good health than a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning. think of all the health benefits you've gained over the last few weeks that can't be measured by a scale.

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7/30/13 4:25 A

It might be that what you are eating/drinking in the week-end is higher sodium and/or a lot more carbs, and they can cause bloating with some people. Do you use the Nutrition Tracker? That may help you to identify if that could be the case.

I don't see why it NEEDS to be a Tuesday that you weigh. Why not change it to a Thursday. Also, make sure that you weigh yourself at the same time, and preferably after having just gone to the loo (you would be surprised how much lighter that can leave us emoticon ) Also, if you weigh in clothes, make sure that they are the same, because altho' many people don't realize it, their can be quite a bit of difference between the weight of what you wear one day, and what you wear another.


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7/29/13 10:55 P

Weigh in day is usually Tuesdays. I'm following the Curves plan and every Mon and Tues I'm so bloated I don't want to weigh in. Is there any pacific day you should weigh in for a Curves home weigh in. I don't go to the Curves meeting place I'm just doing it at home. My sister who is on Curves Is helping me , but she lives in another State. Do you think I should change days and hope for the best? I am so tired of weighing in on Tuesdays only to have a gain all the time from being so bloated. My sister mentioned something that at her meeting they told her not to weigh in right after the week end.

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