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DCORNER18 Posts: 5
2/14/09 11:51 P

Friday nights or Saturday mornings are cheaper than Saturday nights. I choose to have my wedding on a Friday night.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,418
2/13/09 1:29 P

You should ask the key players, like your favorite Aunt or your best friend. The people that you really want to be there.

Other than realizing that a few may not attend if it is on a weeknight. It is your day and as long as the people you really want to have are there, go for it.

KERANTHOMPSON SparkPoints: (0)
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2/13/09 9:35 A

Weekend, and a long weekend at that, May 24/09 which is a Sunday

HEATHERLAMB Posts: 1,702
2/12/09 8:02 A

Our wedding date is on a Friday (July 31, 2009). We're planning for the ceremony to be in the late afternoon, with the reception to follow. We found that there were huge discounts and additional free bonuses for having the wedding on a Friday. For example, the hotel where our reception will be has a reduced rate for setup ($375 vs $800 on Saturday), plus they include free rooms for the bride's and groom's parents, a gift opening room the next day, and a free champagne toast for all guests. That alone made it worth it for us! Especially since we just relocated and bought a house in the past few months!

Probably about 1/3 of our guests will be traveling, and that certainly was a consideration. But a lot of our friends have flexible work schedules and indicated that they would be there no matter what. And with it being the summer, kids are off from school, making it easier for families to get away.

Best of luck! :)

KALYMI1 Posts: 153
2/11/09 12:47 P

Depends, is it more important that Aunt so and so, and college buddy X can make it, or is it more important to have the date you want? Realistically more people could come on a weekend, but if your date is more important than go for that!

JWALLD Posts: 514
2/10/09 10:52 A

I would do a weekend wedding. Personally, I wouldn't take my only personal day of the year to attend a wedding unless it was a very close friend or family member. And I'd probably still be annoyed that I couldn't take it on a day just for me.

DAISYGURL4 Posts: 352
2/10/09 9:08 A

Here's a question for you - how many guests will be traveling for your wedding?

If everyone is pretty local (within an hour) then go ahead and having it on a weeknight - you'll save a bunch because reception venues are usually much cheaper Sunday-Thursday.

If a lot of people are going to be traveling, I strongly recommend having it on a weekend, Saturday or Sunday. Reason being that if people have to travel far, you will find that far fewer people will actually come because of their work schedules.

Just some things to think about. I think it would be wicked cute to get married on your anniversary and make it easy for your fiance to remember :-)

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2/9/09 11:41 P

Our wedding is going to be on a Friday evening because the 27th is our anniversary. I personally think you should have it when you want, even if it does fall during a weekday.

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
2/9/09 11:18 A

I had mine on the weekend. I had my grandparents come from a different province to see the wedding. That part wasnt the issue. I had a 7 guests come from the same town, they live an hour and a half away from the city of Winnipeg. I didnt want them to be driving late from the wedding, especially if it was during the week and they have to work the next day (4 of them do work). I didnt think it was fair for them to possibly miss work or take a vacation day, when they dont have to.

Thats just my opinion.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,418
2/8/09 5:56 P

Reception halls and such are usually less expensive on a week night. I have heard that you can cut expenses 25-50%. So if budget is an issue you could use that in your discussion.

LYNNIE122484 Posts: 628
2/8/09 5:32 P

Hi, I have a thought that me and my fiancee can't really agree on... Our anniversary of 8 years is on 10/08/09.. I really want to get married on our anniversary but the problem is it falls on a thursday... personally i dont care.. I still want to have the wedding on that day. But my fiance wants to have it on the weekend... because he figures more guests will show up because they wont have to work possibly that day or the next.. plus the wedding might be later in the day so it might run late.. and if its on the weekend people will stay up later and probably go because again they dont have to work... so.... what do you think???? if you got married was it on the weekend? and what are your thoughts does it matter if its a week day that much?? please help... and thank you in advance for your reply!

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