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12/30/12 3:01 P

Many times, when one is starting something totally new or challenging, failures become inevitable. The point is to manage the failures to prevent frustration and persevere. Eventually success will arrive. Fat loss and change of life style are no different. It is totally normal that one falls off from time to time. The number one rule is that one can't get frustrated. If there is no frustration, eventually the body will adapt and over time, the falling offs will become rare. But isn't that the success itself in making the lifestyle change?

``Don't break the chain." -Jerry Seinfeld
``Moments of silence are part of the music." -Anonymous
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12/30/12 2:17 P

My weakness is weekends, staying on track. I am doing ok this weekend. I am eating my veggies. My husband is slender and does not gain easy. He is very supportive of me wanting to get slender again.

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