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MBIALK1 Posts: 14
1/28/14 9:17 A

Thanks for all your advice!! It is great!! The last few weekends we have been in a "polar vortex" So I haven't gone anywhere that I don't need to go! I really like the idea to make a schedule for the weekend! In the summer things are just so much easier because there is a lot more you can do!! Thanks again!

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
1/27/14 5:56 P

After making healthy meals all week, we treat Saturday as a treat/takeout day. I stay in my calorie range for the day eating what I crave..something to look forward to each week! As for boredom, read, call or text a friend, volunteer, play games, take a walk weather permitting, take the day to get housework done. anything for a deversion.

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1/27/14 5:25 P

I too did the same. But realizing that boredom was Not an excuse. I actually drink more water on weekends . I might enjoy something, but get back and keep my healthy habits on track.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
1/27/14 5:04 P

Boredom can be our worst enemy - I was also a "boredom eater" for a long time. The semi-obvious solution is don't get bored! Find something you can get engaged in and not just mindlessly consume like tv or internet. I've started creating to-do lists for my weekend, and they'll include the work stuff like dishes, vacuuming, etc, but also the fun stuff like knitting for half an hour, playing with the cat, getting to a certain point in a video game. I've found that when I make a mindful decision to do something, I'm more likely to focus on that and less likely to boredly combine it with food or being lazy. By my list you can tell I'm a homebody, but there's still plenty to keep you entertained around the house!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/27/14 4:40 P

Get rid of the chips, get rid of the cookies, get rid of it all. Here is a link to low calories snacks:

Talk to your friends. Offer to host a zumba dance party every weekend, or maybe alternate hosting every weekend.

If getting out is hard due to the weather (going for a 45 minute walk) - exercise in your home. Maybe spend the winter learning new exercises. Maybe you have always wanted to try yoga? Pilates? Hot and Flirty fitness? Youtube has a ton of videos to choose from.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,102
1/27/14 4:19 P

do something else. it's the worst and most vague advice ever, but everything that you need to do boils down to it.
it sounds like structuring your weekends will help you out some. try and get your work buddies out for an activity at some point in the weekend. also, plan out the things that you need to do over the weekend and schedule them just like you would going to work or workouts around work during the week. finding a hobby will also help, take up scrapbooking, knitting, paper maiche, crochet, painting, drawing, soapmaking or volunteer somewhere, garden, learn a new language or anything that piques your interest. take up snowshoeing if it's snowy enough where you live.

MBIALK1 Posts: 14
1/27/14 3:20 P

So I need help! I do so well during the week at work and even at home. At work my friends are dieting and exercising with me so its easy to stay on track. It is the weekends that are my enemy. I don't do much at all on the weekends especially in the winter. I'm bored so I get the chips and eat ....A LOT! I don't know what to do or how to overcome this! HELP!

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