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BANANAFANNAH SparkPoints: (41,311)
Fitness Minutes: (37,278)
Posts: 2,574
1/9/12 10:01 P

Thanks all :))

DTCATSPARK Posts: 1,031
1/9/12 7:22 P

Awesome job!


MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (167,328)
Fitness Minutes: (159,035)
Posts: 3,965
1/9/12 6:47 P

Yay! you deserve that!

May God bless your success on this journey we all share.

SUGARCRAVER86 SparkPoints: (2,967)
Fitness Minutes: (895)
Posts: 83
1/9/12 6:12 P

Way to go!! Congrats on staying so focused!!

LOSING_N_KONA SparkPoints: (1,679)
Fitness Minutes: (1,234)
Posts: 35
1/9/12 4:44 P

Haha, that sounds just like me! By Wednesday I want pizza and cookies! Congrats on doing so well this week with many more great weeks ahead! emoticon

BIG_BEAR73 Posts: 1,473
1/9/12 11:08 A

whoo hoo, way to go!

IGSBETH SparkPoints: (124,848)
Fitness Minutes: (77,391)
Posts: 3,800
1/9/12 11:07 A


SPOKENWORD Posts: 4,193
1/8/12 11:38 P

Woohoo! Way to go! Keep it up the great work!

BANANAFANNAH SparkPoints: (41,311)
Fitness Minutes: (37,278)
Posts: 2,574
1/8/12 10:49 P

Thanks all! You are all an example why I love this site so much. Lots of good ol' supportive people!

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (32,383)
Fitness Minutes: (33,166)
Posts: 2,124
1/8/12 8:42 P

Look who's top banana now! YOU ARE!
Way to go and keep up the spark!
You can do this!!!

JAS1990 Posts: 684
1/8/12 7:41 P

That's an awesome start, keep up the good work! :D

DWELLS1994 Posts: 1,664
1/8/12 6:52 P

emoticon emoticon

ROOSTER72 SparkPoints: (26,757)
Fitness Minutes: (24,072)
Posts: 568
1/8/12 4:10 P

That's a great result - keep it up!

BANANAFANNAH SparkPoints: (41,311)
Fitness Minutes: (37,278)
Posts: 2,574
1/8/12 3:52 P

First off, yay.

Secondly, ...yay!

Haha. Seriously, this is week one for me. I've been through a few "week ones" but have not managed to get any results because halfway through I scarf down pizza and cookies and quite possibly, more pizza. However, this week has been different. On 1/1 I buckled down and could feel the different mind set I had about losing weight this time. I stuck to my plan of 6 days on and 1 day off at the gym and today was weigh in. It felt great seeing actual results and not feeling like I had to give up everything to get there.

Can't wait for week 2!

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