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1/7/13 9:28 A

There are a lot of good articles on Sparkpeople about plateaus. You may have plateaued for several reasons. You may want to try doing something different in your workouts. Maybe do less for a week just to shock your bosy or try a new type of exercise. From what you've said, you've been losing weight really fast, like 4 pounds a week. That kind of rapid weight loss is not going to be realistically something you can keep doing forever. It is suggested that you aim for no more than 1-2 pounds lost per week. Read some of the sparkpeople articles and maybe try switching something up. I'm sure you'll start losing again as long as you keep making healthy choices.

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1/7/13 9:26 A

Weight loss is not linear. You might lose 3 pounds one week, and none for the next two, despite the math of 3500 calorie deficit = 1 pounds loss. Some of your initial loss may have been some water weight and bloating, and if you're eating better, that may be why your clothes feel a bit better, because some sodium bloat and water retention are gone. I noticed my clothes felt tight after weeks of crappy holiday eating, but merely getting back into good habits, has helped the bloat and my midsection feel smaller and pants aren't as tight, with 4 or 5 pounds dropping in a week, which I know isn't "real".

It's not a plateau until you've gone for a month or so with no change. Right now, your body's adjusting, and you may not see loss for awhile, or you might see some next week. Just stick to it.

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Well I've really changed my eating habits, and have been working out about 5 times a week for 4 weeks now. I've lost a total of 16 pounds, but last week did not lose anything. I'm trying to keep my head up because I have noticed that my clothes are fitting a bit different. My question is, do I need to pump up the effort and do more?

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