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Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 6
9/3/10 4:35 P

Thank you both!

BLINDEYE Posts: 28
9/3/10 3:32 A

Enjoy your wedding!

SABA_MALI Posts: 293
9/3/10 1:42 A

Hi Ashley
Im getting married in Feb-March 2011(no date decided yet). I live in Pakistan. I dont need to loose much weight now but i really need to build up some healthy habits and stick to my exercise routine. I can gain weight back quite easily and my bad habits start showing on my face.
I too if have to account to someone i can do good. More than even logging my routine.
I love working out and really like the feeling when ive adopted to healthy habits emoticon

Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 6
9/2/10 4:16 P

Hi my name is ashley and I'm getting married to a wonderful man in April 2011. By then I would like to be about 40 lbs thinner. I live in the Inland Empire, and Orange COunty area in California. If anyone here is a bride to be or groom to be and would like a workout partner let me know! :-) I love working out but if I feel I have to show up to the workout to make sure I don't let someone else down, it helps to keep me motivated! I love everything outdoors! emoticon

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