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6/12/10 4:23 P

That would be awesome! The Saris I have seen is as detailed as a traditional wedding gown.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,109
6/7/10 1:50 P

I don't think that is odd at all. I also love Saris they are so beautiful.

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6/7/10 12:08 P


I am Marina, 29 years old from Germany and my goal weight is 90 kgs by December to look awesome in a Sari for our wedding on December 4th!

I wanted to have a traditional white dress at first, but then I fell in love with a wonderful Sari and now I want to be able to wear that!

I am an admirer or the Indian culture anyway and think this will look wonderful. At least...I hope so.

I am also still looking for Spark buddies, if someone is interested.

Do you think it is odd for me to want to marry in a Sari though I am not Indian and as fair skinned as that guy there emoticon



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