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8/19/12 7:13 P

We actually left before the reception, so I didn't have to be tempted (hubby doesn't like crowds so we usually leave early from stuff like that). We did go to taco bell for a snack and I got the tacos fresco.....still ended up over my calories, but tomorrow is another day, and for everything else, I stayed either in range or just barely over.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 50,884
8/19/12 4:44 P

You will do well. Sometimes we can only make the best choices based on what is available. Do you best and fake the rest (pushing food around on the plate, tossing it out when nobody is looking, having an allergy that coincides with the really fatty high calorie foods, etc. You will do fine and if you don't, you will start over again tomorrow morning with again making the best choices you can with what is available, because you CAN do it.

HEIDIANN-50 Posts: 69
8/19/12 1:22 P

Awesome about last weekend! I'm sure you'll do as well today....

LMILTON67 SparkPoints: (8,207)
Fitness Minutes: (1,998)
Posts: 573
8/19/12 12:19 P

My husband's niece is getting married this afternoon with the reception right after. They're all southerners so that means a lot of fatty foods. I did good at the birthday party last weekend, not eating all the starchy mexican food (rice & tortilla's), so I should do good today too at the reception dinner. Wish me luck! (And I promise I won't have any cake, don't like the processed icing anyway, it's all grease!)


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