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NEWBERRYBEAR71 SparkPoints: (12,235)
Fitness Minutes: (2,711)
Posts: 172
1/17/13 6:56 P

MI cloudy and cold

FITMARTI SparkPoints: (19,785)
Fitness Minutes: (37,083)
Posts: 376
1/17/13 6:47 P

Snowing here

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FIREWOMN Posts: 634
1/17/13 6:46 P

Really cold and windy in Guelph ON.

Have Fun!

JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (88,048)
Fitness Minutes: (63,658)
Posts: 3,054
1/17/13 6:28 P

Cold and dreery here in WV.


MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,262
1/17/13 6:27 P

It is very cold and dreery here

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SCRIBBLIN Posts: 1,011
1/17/13 5:59 P

It's been in the 80s all week here in Ft. Lauderdale, but a cold front is moving in and will drop the temps into the 70s. Nice!

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SIMOFDIM Posts: 307
1/17/13 5:56 P

Rainy with snow predicted later tonight....

FITWITHIN SparkPoints: (323,835)
Fitness Minutes: (208,952)
Posts: 21,679
1/17/13 4:51 P

It's cold and rainy with chances of snow later this evening.

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1/17/13 12:22 P

The weather has been unusual in Houston lately, too.

Ice core samples show that the earth has gone through at least 5 previous warming & cooling trends. It is not strange that we are experiencing some weather changes. Change is what the earth does!

LESELLERY Posts: 121
1/16/13 8:01 P

I don't what happen to NZ summer because we have had rain and windy all this week.

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