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1/30/12 4:39 P


To answer your question about the Body Bugg and strength training calories burned, I wasn't sure so I asked a few of the other experts around here. This was Coach Dean's response:

"As far as I know, the BodyBugg's algorithms are designed for cardio exercise and would not apply to strength training when it involves sets of isolation exercises--maybe it would be fairly close for circuit training-type workouts using mostly compound exercises."

He's a smart guy, so you can trust his opinion :)

Coach Jen

1/30/12 12:09 P

In general daily calorie goals are ranges and not absolute fixed values. An additional 150 calories a day works out to 1050 per week which is still within a good range for fat loss. Slavishly adhering to a fixed number will over time leads to frustration and eventual discontinuance of the programme in most cases.

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1/30/12 11:02 A

i have a heart rate monitor and i love it fo hings like cardio,however, it isnt designed for strength and i wastnt aware of that when i first bought it.. does help though!

ALLIECAT420 Posts: 11
1/30/12 10:59 A

I used the calorie calculation from here:
to calculate my BMR, etc. and the end result was telling me I need to consume 1353 calories a day. Perplexed me, as it seems way to high. I think I'll stick to my 1200 daily goal.

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1/30/12 10:05 A

Well, you use your BMR to see how many calories you've burned in a day, what the deficeit is. So, if your BMR is 1500, then you would subtract that from the calories you ate along with your wokrout calories to see what your deficeit is. So, let's say you eat 1300 calories and burn 200 through exercise. That's 1700 total burned (using the example of a 1500 BMR)-1300 = a 400 calorie deficeit. You need to burn 3500 calories to lose one pound. I like that SP uses your estimated BMR to calculate your calorie range because it also takes into account daily activities above just living and lying down all day.

The calorie deficeit estimate isn't the be all end all, but I like to see if every now and then, just to get an idea of what's going on.

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1/30/12 9:36 A

Hi other Jen :) Thanks for your additional input! I use a fitness app on my iPad to log what I eat, what I burn, etc. When I filled out the profile with my weight, age and height (I think), it stated 1200 calories ... in wanting to lose 10 lbs. I don't think this app accounted for the BMR when it generated my nutritional range.

Is the BMR really important to incorporate when tracking stuff?

Thanks again!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/30/12 9:20 A

In addition to what Coach Jen has said, remember that SP already takes your BMR (calories burned to just live) plus extra to account for daily activities into account when it generates your nutritional ranges. If you subtracted what your HRM says from what SP is giving you, you'd be, in essence, "double dipping".

ALLIECAT420 Posts: 11
1/30/12 9:17 A

Thanks for the quick reply! So would a Body Bugg be more something to wear during strength training too?

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1/30/12 9:12 A

A HRM only gives you an accurate estimate of calories burned during cardio exercise. It's not designed to be used throughout the day. If you want something like that, check out the Body Bugg or similar product which you can wear all day.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

ALLIECAT420 Posts: 11
1/30/12 9:05 A

Good morning all!

I'm wearing my heart rate monitor to work out of curiousity as to how many calories I burn during my workday. I have a mainly desk job, so I'm not expecting anything huge.

Well, so far my HRM (a Polar FT4 with chest strap) reads I've burned 366 cals. Two questions: 1) Is that even possible since I haven't really been doing anything but my normal getting ready for work, walking from my car into the building, and basic stuff? I mainly sit all day. And 2) Is it safe to deduct whatever I burn today from my daily caloric intake?

I only burned 170 according to my HRM during my two workouts at 5a: 20 Min Turbo Jam and Ab Jam. (totalling 40 mins). It seems odd to me that I've burned twice as many calories during my daily routine than I did during my workout.

Think perhaps because I worked out this morn that I'm burning so many cals? Or is my HRM off?

Thanks for any advice!!

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