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8/18/13 3:02 P


8/18/13 1:54 P

Congrats! That's great that you were able to resist temptation AND stock up on healthy veggies. emoticon

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8/18/13 11:38 A

What a great victory! Mine is still fighting me on the veggies (not on purpose, but he doesn't take any proactive steps) but you should be really proud!

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8/18/13 10:42 A

This is the beginning of a new week, which we started off going to grocery store and my sweet hubby knowing I want to change our eating lifestyle grabs the first of many fruits and veggies to come home with....this is the very 1st time in the 5 years together we have not walked out with some form of junk food in the shopping cart. I'm so excited he's ready to make the change...those it was just a few items it's a start....

emoticon emoticon

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