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3/30/12 12:10 P

When you're adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating the right amount of food is just as important as eating the right kind of food.Here is a collection of some of SparkPeople's best portion-control tips and healthy eating ideas for easy reference that might help you and your husband work together to take steps to meet HIS goals. It is really important that change is something he is seeking and not just something you want for him.

Coach Tanya

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3/29/12 11:03 P

He's in the navy, has monster thighs retained from biking, he's skinny-necked, and he carries all of his remaining fat in the lose skin around his stomach.

He's too tired from the mandatory exercises to target his weaker muscles... Most of it is running which makes his legs even more bulky without addressing how he weighs too much. Today they allowed strength-training, where he leg-pressed twice his weight, but the rest of the workout was a rare treat.

Which leaves diet, which he is willing to go on. I try to make healthy meals from scratch, and the dinner ritual is to have him serve himself, I take my portion, one of us may return to the kitchen for seconds, but there is usually enough for him to make a very sturdy breakfast burrito and for me to have something first thing. I'm a bad wife by not packing his morning lunches, I just make sure there is a sliced hunk of roast beef and cucumbers or lettuce available.

I have a pouch of chia seeds, he's thinking about going on benefiber, I'd like some tips on fast dehydration techniques, but what else can I do to help?

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