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Ways To Burn 500-1000 calories per day

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Posts: 6,719
4/25/09 12:49 P

If you want a 1000 calorie deficit per day then you can exersice off 500 cal, and cut 500 calories out of you diet so you will not have to workout twice a day unless you just want to.

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4/25/09 12:37 P


Posts: 512
4/25/09 12:21 P

the 45 minute cardio parties are the best and then you could do the 20 minute for a little longer work out

Posts: 30,085
4/24/09 1:16 P

I think you are misunderstanding the part about burning 7000 calories a week. That really should be done through a combination of your diet and exercise, not just exercise. If you are looking to burn that much each day, you are going to NEED to increase your calories. If you set up your account properly with a 2 pound a week weight loss along with how much fitness activity you are actually doing, then you should be set to reach your goals in a healthy way. I recommend you make sure you have your goals set up properly and then follow those guidelines instead of trying to burn 7000 calories a week. You may want to also take a look at the Calorie Calculation 101 article to understand more about the calculations done on the site. There, you will see that it is the combination of your diet and exercise, not just your exercise that will help you reach your goals. Here is a link to that article:


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Posts: 1,167
4/24/09 12:15 P

Kickboxing classes. One hour can burn up to 900 calories if you do it correctly.

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Posts: 855
4/24/09 12:02 P

Spinning class is brill, also swimming & running - lets face it you don't see many fat runner do you!!
Good luck anyway but don't set yourself up to feel disappointed if the scales are not your friend, that could be a bad move but I'm sure you already know that emoticon

Posts: 208
4/24/09 11:45 A

If your gym has a spinning class. It can burn around 600 for an hour and be a very motivating thing.

Posts: 2,587
4/24/09 10:50 A

I included this list which may help for you also

Posts: 2,587
4/24/09 10:47 A

oh I get it emoticon now I see where your going

do you like to golf?
what do you normally like to do that isn't always "an exercise" for you... like walking, riding bike etc....

Posts: 284
4/24/09 9:49 A

On top of my normal workout, I walk to work. I don't know if that's possible for you, but it really adds up and gives you that extra boost. I purposely take a route that is twice as far. Knowing that I have to be there on time I have to keep a quick pace. Usually I can get anywhere from 500 to 700 calories burned for 55 min of walking.

Posts: 205
4/24/09 9:44 A

Thankss Guyss... I will try some of these advices. I just got in some turbo jam tapes a week agao so i will start with those. Which one of the dvd burns alot??

MAGGGIE: i am looking to burn 1000 so that i can burn 7000 a week which is equivalent to 2 pounds lost!!

SparkPoints: (40,904)
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Posts: 2,361
4/24/09 9:30 A

Martial arts is another option. I do 45 minutes of tae kwon do regularly and that burns around 645. Make it an hour or more and you're there.

Posts: 2,587
4/24/09 9:26 A

horseback riding, even cleaning and gardening burn calories.

why are you looking to burn 1000 calories a day?

Posts: 9,609
4/24/09 8:24 A

walking, running, cycling, weights

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Fitness Minutes: (145,131)
Posts: 8,336
4/24/09 6:58 A

step aerobic,rowing,spinning emoticon

Posts: 4,104
4/24/09 5:38 A

cardio kickboxing class at a gym

Posts: 167
4/24/09 4:36 A

I also agree with the previous posters and say Turbo Jam. Very intensive video work-out. I can barely get through 10-15 minutes of it without becoming exhausted.

If you can handle the entire work-out, you should be able to burn lots of calories.

SparkPoints: (8,943)
Fitness Minutes: (8,085)
Posts: 745
4/24/09 4:05 A

Swimming burns heaps

Posts: 1,721
4/24/09 3:58 A

running and spinning burn a lot

Posts: 317
4/24/09 2:52 A

what is turbo jam????

SparkPoints: (28,675)
Fitness Minutes: (39,049)
Posts: 1,298
4/24/09 2:40 A

Seconding Turbo Jam if you want a huge calorie burn through physical activity.

Don't forget that you can also create a calorie deficit through diet. Your body burns tons of calories just keeping it running. If you don't provide it with enough calories, it will take some out of your "reserves" (hopefully fat, though it can be muscle if you eat too little).

Posts: 512
4/24/09 1:02 A

try turbo jam

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Posts: 205
4/23/09 11:53 P


So i decided I wanted to lose atleast 2 pounds per week which is the maximum lbs a person should lose a week. So as we know 3500 calories equals to 1 pound, so if i can burn 7000 calories per week at 1000 per day 7 days a week i should reach my goal.

I am currently seeking exercises that i can do to burn this amount per day, I want to try exercising in the mornings and evenings so 500 cal per work out.

ANy ideas and suggestions will be Great PLZZ

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