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SUEARNOLD1 Posts: 2,876
6/29/14 3:45 P

Way to go Coach Nicole . . .

You are an inspiration to us!

SANDRA_E SparkPoints: (20,926)
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Posts: 270
6/26/14 7:03 A

Congrats Coach Nicole!

MAKEWEE SparkPoints: (11,086)
Fitness Minutes: (1,527)
Posts: 250
6/24/14 12:39 A

A big ole' Whoo Hooo to Coach Nicole!

Spark People is great and lots more people need to learn about it.


COACH_NICOLE Posts: 9,354
6/23/14 12:15 P

Thanks so much--that is so nice of you. I won't ask you to send me a copy though. I wasn't sure if you found it in a store (I haven't seen it in stores before), but I did find it online, so that is pretty good as well. Thanks again. :-)


CHRISTYV57 SparkPoints: (103,045)
Fitness Minutes: (30,076)
Posts: 24
6/21/14 5:55 P

Other thoughts: the website of the magazine is

I am fairly sure they would have extra back issues.

Also I thought Becky Hand might be a diabetes educator and she might have a subscription.

Chris V

CHRISTYV57 SparkPoints: (103,045)
Fitness Minutes: (30,076)
Posts: 24
6/21/14 1:33 P

Diabetes Forecast is the magazine published monthly by the American Diabetes Association. I get the magazine because I am diabetic and a member of the association. I can send you my copy of the June issue; I am not sure if it is on newsstands or magazine racks in stores. Maybe bookstores that have magazines would stock it. The July issue is already out; so if you send me your address, I will send you my copy as soon as I have finished with it. Chris V

COACH_NICOLE Posts: 9,354
6/20/14 2:20 P

Thank you!

Do you know where I can find a copy of it? I wanted to pick one up to keep. Glad you saw it and enjoyed it!


CHRISTYV57 SparkPoints: (103,045)
Fitness Minutes: (30,076)
Posts: 24
6/20/14 10:22 A

I just saw an article in DIABETES FORECAST magazine June 2014 issue, with two inputs from Coach Nicole. The article is about exercises that can be done in a chair. It is great to see Coach Nicole and Spark People cited in national health magazines like this. Credit where credit is due!! Chris V.

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