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Posts: 28
2/7/13 11:48 P

After watching the documentary, "Hungry for Change" and the bit about diet soda, I have only been drinking water...and lots of it! Yum! emoticon

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Posts: 3,037
2/7/13 11:32 P

I too, am working on drinking more fluid.

I find that keeping a water bottle with me at all times helps

Posts: 687
2/7/13 11:29 P

I stay at home most days so I keep a 16 ounce sealable beverage container by my side at all times.

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Posts: 35
2/7/13 10:06 P

Carry a water bottle every where you go!
I carry my 34 oz water bottle every where I go and I fill it up 3 times a day, sometimes more.
3 of my water bottles equals out to about 13 cups. It is SO much easier to drink alot of water if you're carrying it with you! (:

SparkPoints: (110,494)
Fitness Minutes: (62,896)
Posts: 5,866
2/7/13 1:26 P

Good - I still find it difficult to drink 8 glasses of water, but I try to break it down this way:
- 2 cups before breakfast, as soon as I get up
- 1 cup between breakfast & lunch
- 1 cup with lunch
- 2 cups between lunch and dinner
- 1 cup with dinner
- 1 cup in the evening

By drinking half of the water by lunch, I find I only have to get up once during the night. If I get behind and drink more in the evening, I'm up twice.

Posts: 284
2/7/13 1:22 P

We have 32 oz cups at work, so each day I aim to drink two of them a day. On the weekends, I usually have 3 - 4 bottled waters per day.

For some reason though, I cannot drink more than 8 or 9 glasses of water a day without getting headaches. So, I limit myself to 8.

Posts: 5,070
2/7/13 9:05 A

drink about a gallon a day.

SparkPoints: (8,353)
Fitness Minutes: (3,529)
Posts: 39
2/7/13 7:53 A

Having read the articles on drinking water I now am committed to drinking at least the required amount.

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