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SPUTNIK512 Posts: 1,730
4/23/10 10:17 A

I like the Crystal Light Peach Mango Green Tea. Ocean Spray is also making packets now that are pretty good, I especially like the White Cran Peach.

THEKWONGDZU Posts: 1,176
4/22/10 11:40 P

That only works if you have a fridge at work, unfortunately.

Fitness Minutes: (20,400)
Posts: 2,704
4/22/10 11:31 P

For the cost of a few boxes of flavour packets you could buy a Brita to keep in the fridge at work!

JUSTSUZY5 Posts: 279
4/22/10 9:52 P

I like to drink diet snapple green tea. No calories, but has 60mg sodium.

SUNNY1432 SparkPoints: (168,727)
Fitness Minutes: (114,378)
Posts: 4,225
4/22/10 9:38 P

I used to use Crystal Light Green Tea Peach Mango and the Citrus, but now I usually just drink straight up water:) emoticon

JUNEAU2010 SparkPoints: (239,554)
Fitness Minutes: (37,193)
Posts: 12,181
4/22/10 9:35 P

I like all the Crystal Light, and, even though I don't like tea, the Peach Tea flavor is great! There are some store brand versions and some of those are good, too. Grape is almost always a winner for me.

SASSYSUS Posts: 261
4/22/10 9:21 P

I love the crystal light cherry pomegranate the best, but the tangerine grapefruit is a close runner up! I use half a package for 500 ml, they are strong, but this way we get twice as much for the same price too. I don't use them everyday, just when I want a 'juicy ' drink!

THEKWONGDZU Posts: 1,176
4/22/10 9:16 P

Thanks for all the recommendations! I'm happy to know I'm not the only person who finds them too strong, too. I'll look for some of the brands/flavors next time I'm at the grocery store. :)

KFORGIE Posts: 800
4/22/10 3:27 P

Just watch the amount of sodium in some of the brands - I prefer to squeeze some lemon or lime juice into my water.

REDDOGMOM SparkPoints: (22,012)
Fitness Minutes: (9,140)
Posts: 1,248
4/22/10 3:00 P

I like Crystal light on occasion, but use less than half the recommended amount because I find them too strong. My favorite is probably the Wild Strawberry but the caffeine in it sends me bouncing!

You can also mix the raspberry lemonade with unsweetened ice tea.

ZARA35 Posts: 243
4/22/10 2:57 P

I like propel powder pouches. 20 cal for one pouch.

DOMINICKSMOM05 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (33,798)
Posts: 310
4/22/10 2:12 P

I love the crystal light strawberry- at home just cut up three strawberries and put them in a pitcher in the fridge

MBSHAZZER Posts: 18,605
4/22/10 2:06 P

I like the CVS brand EmergenC packets. Each one provides 1,000 mg of Vitamin C. The Pomegranite flavor is very strong, so one packet is probably enough for a large container of water. The pink lemonade flavor is more subtle.

SUZI9876 Posts: 140
4/22/10 12:46 P

I like the pink lemonade flavor as well. My favorite brand is Special K because it has fiber and protein; however it's much too expensive for my budget right now. For the time being I drink Great Value. The taste is great; it just doesn't have the extras. I put a pack and a half in a gallon jug of water so it's not too strong.

-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
Fitness Minutes: (39,981)
Posts: 2,322
4/22/10 12:45 P

My favorite crystal light flavor is the ruby red grapefruit. Good with rum, too. LOL!

4/22/10 12:33 P

I love the pink lemonade flavoring

I just add to my bottle until it is sweet enough. I've noticed lately though that I can't drink it in the morning, it tastes gross and bitter, but around lunch or later it's just fine. Weird.

RAINBOW123 Posts: 772
4/22/10 12:27 P

I have learned over time and drinking the water flavors on the go it is best to only use about a half a packet per bottle of water otherwise it is way to sweet even for my taste. I do not really pay for crystal light, but I do drink the great vaule kinds and I like the fruit punch, apple, grape, cherry cranberry these all seem to hit the spot for me, but like I said I would only use have a packet because they are extremely sweet for something that has no calories in it.

AAPANOS7 Posts: 349
4/22/10 11:55 A

there was one "crystal light on the go" i tried that was 0 calories and included antioxidants...i believe it was pomegranate flavored...delicious but also strong, so either mix with more water or use half a packet.

LESLIELOSER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,023)
Posts: 422
4/22/10 11:52 A

I absolutely love the Crystal Light packets! My favorites are Wild Strawberry and Peach Mango Green Tea. I usually will add one to a bottle of water in the morning and then one in the afternoon. In between, I just drink plain water from the cooler that sits next to my desk at work. It really keeps me on track with my 8 cups of water a day!!

THEKWONGDZU Posts: 1,176
4/22/10 11:39 A

Can y'all recommend some flavors to try? When I'm at home, I have my Brita pitcher and don't need flavoring, but at the office, I have to get water out of the fountain. It is...less than tasty on its own. My water bottle holds three cups, but even if I fill it before I leave the house, I still refill it at least once at work. I've been drinking the raspberry Crystal Light ones, but I'm kind of bored with them. Recently, I tried the Hawaiian Punch ones and Oh My Gosh! They're sooo strong. The directions say to mix with a 16.9 oz bottle of water. I'm mixing with 24oz and it's still too strong! Maybe half a packet next time. *lol*

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