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JEN830 Posts: 306
9/22/09 5:03 A

I like either or.

PITTSD70 Posts: 459
9/22/09 5:02 A


ALBA06 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/22/09 4:30 A


9/22/09 2:09 A

Thank you everyone =)

GENIE86333 Posts: 262
9/21/09 9:54 P

I feel the same as BiggestLoser44. Show me proof. Even then, I'm diabetic & know that real sugar would kill me quicker than aspartame might...and Splenda raises my blood sugar so anything sweetened with that is out too.

I *love* water...but sometimes I want something sweet to drink - so Crystal Light is frequently drunk at my house.

STACYBABE Posts: 270
9/21/09 9:46 P

I prefer plain water

9/21/09 9:43 P

Because of the Aspartame, I can't have Crystal Light.

I've found packets of lemon and lime that I can add. They are called True Lemon and True Lime. I have packets in my purse all the time. I also found it in shakers and shake it on my meals.

My doctor told me to keep the water clear -- what ever I do to it, to keep it clear. These keep it clear!

MAGGIEYE Posts: 976
9/21/09 9:37 P

I sometimes drink the raspberry green tea flavor, but not very often. I've gotten in the habit of drinking just plain water, and nothing else tastes quite as good - except good old southern sweet tea, and I try to limit that for obvious reasons. emoticon

EMCARROLL SparkPoints: (9,054)
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9/21/09 8:50 P - I take my water STRAIGHt!

BUBBLES1541 SparkPoints: (53,545)
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Posts: 3,769
9/21/09 8:49 P

I drink CL but prefer plain water.

CHAIRUL Posts: 3,542
9/21/09 7:43 P

I just drink water...

GRAMIDX3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,132)
Posts: 1,762
9/21/09 7:42 P

Thanks FINDINGHELP----I, too, will check this out. I don't drink things with aspartame, but I like to have references for my own knowledge.

9/21/09 7:41 P

I drink it.

9/21/09 7:40 P

Here's the results of one of the latest studies on aspartame. Interesting findings about how aspartame contributes to oxidative stress and neurodegeneration, both of which are linked to many diseases (including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's).

CHER321 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,659
9/21/09 7:12 P

I would drink it sparingly, and stick to water.

BIGGESTLOSER44 Posts: 2,617
9/21/09 6:39 P

I drink it quite often. I don't worry to much about what aspartame does. Nowadays almost everything causes some sort of disease or illness. Some of it is just media hype to scare us into buying this product or avoiding that product. Show me proven results that aspartame is bad for me and what it will do to me (after prolonged use of it) and I will stop drinking Crystal Light.

GRAMIDX3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,132)
Posts: 1,762
9/21/09 6:09 P

I am with you OSUCOWBY-----Just give me water. Pure,plain,simple. I do like it over ice though. emoticon

OSUCOWBY SparkPoints: (0)
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9/21/09 6:07 P

just water, please...

BOOMERGIRL5 Posts: 4,472
9/21/09 5:23 P

Use the cherry crystal light it stains your gums and makes your teeth look whiter

MSWENDI42 Posts: 3,922
9/21/09 5:23 P

I drink it, or something similar, all the time and it works for me.

DRAGINCHIC23 Posts: 331
9/21/09 4:46 P

I take one of the single packets and split it up between 3 bottles of water. Just enough flavor to get myself to drink the right amount of water, but I can control how much of the crystal light I intake.
It really isn't healthy for you.

9/21/09 4:13 P

I don't mind Crystal Light, but I'm also careful to still get regular water in every day. I don't mind a little flavor on things, and I don't think moderate amounts of aspartame are bad.

LOVEFIT30 Posts: 2,975
9/21/09 2:55 P

Its good and bad..try not to drink it everytime you drink water but in moderation is ok. If you feel like adding a little flavor a glass of water, if you have drinken water for the last few days and you feel you need some flavor. Otherwise, I would watch out for the aspartame. If you are not diabedic you should watch the amount of aspartame you are takin in. While diet drinks are great for the lower calories, diet drinks are made for diabedtic people.

FRANK08 SparkPoints: (85,698)
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9/21/09 2:40 P


9/21/09 2:39 P

I use Crystal Light quite often.

9/21/09 2:36 P

I get the individual packets of Crystal Light and mix it with my own bottle of water. I know people complain about the aspartame but I don't see a problem with it. I switched to Crystal Light so I would cut out the soda. And it's worked for me....

9/21/09 2:28 P

I know water is the #1 thing that is best for you to drink, but how does crystal light hold up? I've heard pros and cons to drinking it.. so is it good for you like water, or bad because of the aspartame?

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