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The water tracker is for your personal use. It doesn't affect your program (other than streaks) and isn't really going to hurt you or not. If you wish to count non-pure-water things, go for it. I always track anything that hydrates me and has zero calories; I don't count caloried beverages like juices. Others ONLY track actual, plain water. Neither is wrong.

You can use it the way that makes sense for you.

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7/1/13 1:40 P

I believe someone else said so, but I only count it if there's nothing else in it, like sugar or honey.

7/1/13 1:37 P

I think tea could count. I know I count my flavored water as water, and it's the same kind of thing. I do, however, drink mostly plain water. I think it also depends on what you are putting in the water. I don't count coffee because I put milk and flavoring syrup in it, even though coffee is mostly water as well.

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7/1/13 1:18 P

Yes, beverages will hydrate your body: coffee, tea, milk, juice, diet drinks, etc. Of course each type has a daily upper limit for overall health. This SP article gives more:

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Yes--it still hydrates you. For me, personally, I only track zero-calorie beverages, but I drink my tea with nothing added, so it counts. Even with milk and sugar, though, it would still be hydrating (just not as close to water :) ).

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7/1/13 12:15 P

I think it depends on which program you are following - I would but also recommend you get most of your daily water as real water. It's probably just better for you.

7/1/13 12:00 P

Can you count tea as water after all it's made from water. I don't use regular sugar in my tea I use Splenda.

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