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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/3/13 7:55 A

many people do count "clear" beverages as their water consumption.
However, you should be aware that lots of extra artificial sweetener sometimes triggers your appetite moreso than plain water, or water with lemon, lime, cucumber, or things like that added for flavour (as opposed to Crystal Lite, Mio and other artificially sweetened additives)

DUCKY2222 Posts: 313
4/2/13 8:17 P

Thank you so much. That was great reading, very educational and interesting.
Thanks again!

4/2/13 7:46 P

Here is the ruling by the expert beverage researchers....

All those liquid beverages count as fluid/water: milk, juice, pop, diet drinks, tea, coffee, etc....
But of course, each has an upper limit regarding overall health. This SP articles gives the upper limit for each category:

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

DUCKY2222 Posts: 313
4/2/13 7:30 P

So far I have not counted it as my water totals either but it would be nice to since I have trouble with the water thing :-)

4/2/13 7:25 P

I drink a lot of iced tea and I don't count it in my water totals. I've never seen any sort of official ruling on whether it counts as water or not.

DUCKY2222 Posts: 313
4/2/13 6:43 P

If I drink fresh brewed ice tea with equal (blue pack) can I count that as some water intake?

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