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SCARLOVE23 Posts: 232
8/25/11 9:40 P

I just tried cucumber slices in my water today and I really enjoyed it! I also love mint in water. Lemon is good too.

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8/25/11 7:33 P

Any liquid is okay as long as you count the calories, etc. I just read that again after a similar question this week.

8/25/11 5:42 P

You have received many good ideas, and yes those little artificially sweetened flavor packets do "count" as water. Many other type beverages also hydrate the body too: milk, juice, pop, diet drinks, coffee, tea,...but each as a limit for health regarding daily intake.

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MAGGIEISLOVELY SparkPoints: (1,259)
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8/25/11 4:01 P

I drink these skinny waters, they are delicious 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 sodium I get the raspberry pomegranate ones. Soooo delicious!

DIANAB-IN-OR Posts: 139
8/25/11 3:52 P

Erin, what a great idea about the frozen fruit! I usually don't have a problem getting all my water, but I like ways to mix it up!

~Diana B in Oregon~

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (84,727)
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8/25/11 3:31 P

How about seltzer? It's just water with bubbles. I find it quite refreshing.

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
ERINK88 SparkPoints: (1,203)
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8/25/11 3:09 P

I use frozen fruit. I bought a klean kanteen (insulated) off amazon that keeps my water really cold (it HAS to be cold or I won't drink it) I throw some frozen raspberries, blueberries or strawberries into the bottom and then add water on top. I reuse the same fruit until lunch then have it as "dessert" then toss in some new fruit.

I also really like the true lemon (and lime, grapefruit and orange) crystal packets. Great for when you are out and about!

RKING10 Posts: 152
8/25/11 2:44 P

Alot of people add cucumber,I personally like to do lime and mint.Also I read that if you use crystal light,you can count that as water because it doesn't have caffiene or sugar but you'd have to do a little more research on that to see if I'm right.

PGHREBECCAZ SparkPoints: (0)
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8/25/11 2:25 P

Hi folks,
I've been working on increasing my water intake. Some days I do ok, some days awful. I admit that I just don't like plain water and have a hard time. I don't want to drink ONLY water. What are some other options of things I can drink that might not be SO bad, but can give more of a variety? or something I can add to the water (besides lemon) to make it taste better/different somtimes?

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