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7/5/14 11:00 P

I find that I do pretty good with 8 glasses of water PLUS another 8 ozs. for every 15 minutes I spend at the gym, so about 12 cups a day, or 96 ozs. I aim for five 20 oz. most days.

If you have a 52 oz. jug, and are drinking it twice a day, that is plenty ( 104 ozs ), or 13 cups. Once you stop drinking sugar and caffeine, your body tends to regulate itself. You will feel thirsty if you don't drink any water for a few hours, and then just drink till you feel better.

I find that I actually drink less now. I used to drink a gallon of sweet tea, or Kool-aid, or 2-4 liters of Pepsi, and when we are drinking water, it seems to be a lot more, but it really isn't. We liked the sugary liquids better, so didn't notice we were drinking 1-2 gallons a day.

Let your thirst be your guide. Just make sure you have water at hand when you get thirsty. I freeze mine the night before, and as they thaw during the day, I drink them, because I like cold water.

There is no magic number for drinking water. It is just good for you, and has no calories. So drink when thirsty, but don't expect it to help with weight loss, except for the fact it is 0 calorie. For weight loss, you need to eat properly.

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7/5/14 10:18 P

I totally agree with Becky.

I will also add that your 'need' for extra fluid is indicated IF your urine is dark. If it is already clear or (ideally) pale yellow in colour, then odds are you do not need more fluid than you were already consuming.


7/5/14 8:45 A

Water is great for the body, but the information you have "heard" regarding amount is inaccurate.
1 gallon of water daily would be equal to 16 cups. Most people need about 5-8 cups of water daily. The additional water would not have any health benefit.

For some people, drinking water keeps their hands busy, so they may be less likely to be grabbing higher calorie foods and beverages. But don't feel that you must "push" 16 cups daily.

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7/4/14 10:07 P

So i have heard that a gallon of water a day is great for weight loss
and i had bought this 52 oz Bubba mug from walmart today.. and i have drank 2 full cups with ice.. i feel really good drinking water emoticon

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